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Actors often drastically adjust their appearance because that movie roles, often transforming into a fully different human for each film they show up in.

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One that the most drastic––and all-consuming––changes come an actors" appearance can be once they shed weight.

Here room 25 gibbs that lost a drastic lot of load for movie roles...

1. Tom Hanks, Philadelphia, 1993


Tom Hanks starred together Denzel Washington in the 1993 movie PhiladelphiaColumbia TriStar / Handout/Getty ImagesTom Hanks, well known for a multitude of roles consisting of in The Terminal and News that the World, lost an astonishing 26 pounds because that his Oscar-winning performance as HIV/AIDs patient Andrew Beckett in the film Philadelphia.

The movie sees Hanks beat a lawyer who is fired by his regulation firm for his HIV status. The film follows his battle against the firm in a wrongful dismissal suit.

2. Ann Hathaway, Les Miserables, 2012

Actor ann Hathaway lost 25 pounds for her role as Fantine in the 2012 remake of the Broadway musical.

Hathaway shed 15 pounds prior to filming and 10 during, saying in an interview the the idea to be to look "near death" because that the role.

Hathaway winner the best Supporting gibbs award at the Oscars because that her performance in the role, so she commitment appears to be worth it.

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3. Jake Gyllenhaal, The Nightcrawler, 2014


Jake Gyllenhaal play a freelance photographer in the film Nightcrawler Noam Galai / Contributor/Getty ImagesIn this film, Jake Gyllenhaal theatre a freelance photographer that chases crashes and murders throughout the night, come film and sell the clip on come network television.

Gyllenhaal"s character frequently pushes ethical boundaries and is more than a tiny creepy––a deranged, career-hungry freelance journalist, that Gyllenhaal lost 30 pounds come portray correctly.

4. Christian Bale, The Machinist, 2004

The Machinist sees Christian Bale beat Trever Reznik, a skeletal insomniac who obsessively keeps track of his swiftly diminishing weight.

The film follows his characters" infatuations and also obsessions, as he convinces himself his co-workers at the factory are the end to gain him.

Bale lost a terrifying amount of weight for the role, which came to be a complete of 63 pounds.

5. Michael Fassbender, Hunger, 2008


The cast of "Hunger" Brian Mulligan, Michael Fassbender and also Liam McMahon arrive at the ireland Film & TV AwardsPhillip Massey / Contributor/Getty ImagesFassbender shed a total of 40 pounds to play the IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands in the 2008 movie Hunger.

The movie takes place in northern Ireland in Maze Prison, in 1981 and also follows his character as he pushes his mind and body to the edge in protest.

6. Zoe Kravitz, The road Within, 2014

In The road Within, Kravitz plays Marie, who falls in love through the main character Vincent in one institution. The movie sees the pair, in addition to another character, Alex, travel to the s to provide Vincent"s mother"s ashes.

Kravitz lost 20 pounds come play the component of Marie, who was living with an eat disorder.


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7. Chris Hemsworth, In the love of the Sea, 2014

Chris Hemsworth drastically adjusted his appearance native the chiseled God Thor come play a shipwreck survivor in this period drama.

The film follows the staying crew after your vessel was struck by a gigantic whale –– and follows their struggle to survive.

Hemsworth lost 33 pounds come play the part, which apparently made that "moody" follow to one interview on Good Morning America.

8. Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club, 2013


Actor Matthew McConaughey won best Performance by an actor in a Leading function for "Dallas Buyers Club"Getty Images/Jeffrey Mayer / ContributorActor McConaughey, ideal known for his duties in movies like The Wedding Planner and How to shed a guy in 10 Days, lost 47 pounds come play his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

McConaughey theatre Ron Woodruff, a Texan that contracts AIDs in the 1980s. McConaughey claimed in an interview that he ate everything he generally did prior to taking top top the role––just in smaller portions.

9. Liam Neeson, Silence, 2016

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In the historic drama Silence, Liam Neeson plays a Jesuit Missionary dubbed Ferriera. In the film, 2 young missionaries walk on a find for your mentor (Neeson), who has mysteriously dropped out of contact.

The film to be directed by Scorsese, who needs "100 percent" indigenous his actors throughout filming, according to Neeson. The northern Irish actor lost a full of 20 pounds because that the role.

10. Joaquin Phoenix, The Joker, 2019

In this spin-off of the Batman films, Joaquin Phoenix dram the troubled comedian Arthur Fleck, who later on becomes Batman villain, The Joker.

Phoenix lost 52 pounds come play the role. In an interview, Phoenix said shedding that lot weight made him "go mad," even though the very restrictive diet was managed by a doctor.

11. Mila Kunis, The black color Swan, 2010

Mila Kunis at the brand-new York premiere of black color Swan Getty/Michael Loccisano / StaffFor the emotional ballet thriller The black Swan, Kunis shed 20 pounds in five short months.

This remained in order come look like a ballerina, who are generally are top top the smaller side. Kunis said that to obtain down to the required weight, she ate a restricted diet and Wsmoked a tonne the cigarettes," admitting the she didn"t carry out it in the healthiest way possible.

12. Tom Hanks, Cast Away, 2000

In his second appearance top top this list, Tom Hanks shed a shocking amount of load for this role, totalling 53 pounds.

Hanks theatre FedEx operations executive lining Noland, that washes up on a desert island after his airplane crashes in ~ sea. The film adheres to his battle to survive on the island, completely alone.

13. Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club, 2013

Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong"o and Jared Leto pose in the push room at the Oscars awards ceremony Jason LaVeris / Contributor/GettyJared Leto, along with Matthew McConauhey, additionally lost a the majority of weight because that his duty in the movie Dallas Buyers Club.

Leto dram a transsexual living through HIV in the 1980s, and also lost almost 40 pounds to play the role. Leto told Vulture in 2012 the it was not about losing the many weight, yet that it was "more to represent the character".

14. Natalie Portman, The black color Swan, 2010

The black Swan sees Portman beat a ballerina together Kunis. Likewise like Kunis, Portman lost 20 pounds because that the role.

However, the weight loss wasn"t there is no its problems. Portman called Entertainment Weekly that some nights, she "literally assumed was going come die" from she diet the carrots and also almonds.

15. Ben Kingsley, Gandhi, 1982

British gibbs Ben Kingsley play Gandhi in the eponymous movie in 1982, however the duty of a life time wasn"t there is no sacrifices.

He shed a total of 20 pounds for the role, convert his diet to a vegetarian one, to winter Gandhi"s own. To gain into the role, Kingsley also studied yoga and took increase meditation.

16. Adam Driver, Silence, 2016

Driver played a Jesuit monk in this film, together Neeson, that came in at number 9 on this list.

Driver shed 51 pounds come play the role, i m sorry he states he shed before and during the film, come reflect the impacts of his character"s continuous journey about the world.

17. Lily Collins, To the Bone, 2017

Actors Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston, Lily Collins and writer/director Marti Noxon that "To The Bone" to visit the Sundance Festival in 2017 wealthy Polk / Stringer/GettyLily Collins lost a drastic amount of weight for To the Bone, in i m sorry she dram a woman that suffers v anorexia.

During the Netflix drama, Collins" character meets a physician who difficulties her see on the world, and helps her confront her condition.

Collins, who has suffered from an eat disorder in the past, said losing the load was extremely difficult for her, yet that she felt the was essential for the part.

18. Jonah Hill, Moneyball, 2011

Jonah Hill lost virtually 40 pounds because that the movie Moneyball in 2011. Jonah theatre Peter Brand, a Yale business economics graduate who helps baseball player Billy Beane (played through Brad Pitt) increase the possibilities of his team winning.

Hill states his weight loss was mainly completed by cutting back on beer, and simply eating less.

19. Kris Pratt, Guardians that the Galaxy, 2014

Chris Pratt attends the "Guardians the the Galacy" photocall in London, 2014Stuart Wilson / Contributor/GettyActor chris Pratt shed 60 pounds to play the role of Peter Quill in Marvel"s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Surprisingly, though, Pratt didn"t eat less to lose the weight––he in reality ate more. He spend 4,000 calories every day to obtain the muscle mass necessary to beat the component in this activity film.

20. 50 Cent, Things loss Apart, 2011

Rapper and musician 50 Cent rotate his hand to exhilaration for his function in the 2010 movie Things loss Apart in 2011.

The film experienced him beat a promising football player with cancer. 50 Cent was unrecognisable in the role, and also dropped 50 pounds come play the part.

21. Jennifer Lawrence, Red Sparrow, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence at the Red Sparrow premiere Taylor Hill / Contributor/Getty ImagesJennifer Lawrence take it on the role of a ballerina-turned-spy for the 2018 movie Red Sparrow.

Lawrence had actually to lose a the majority of weight come look prefer an authentic Russian ballerina because that the film, which she claimed was "really brutal," offered that she doesn"t generally restrict her diet.

22. Matt Damon, Courage Under Fire, 1996

Matt Damon shed a full of 60 pounds to play his duty in the 1996 movie Courage Under Fire.

In the film, Damon theatre a supporting role alongside Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan.

Damon lost the weight by, reportedly, making up his own diet and also running 13 miles every day.

23. Lilly James, Cinderella, 2015

Lilly James at the Cinderella premiere in Tokyo Jun Sato / Contributor/Getty ImagesIn the live-action remake of Disney standard Cinderella, Lily James dram the location character.

The role involved James wearing an extremely tight, tiny corset throughout. When James didn"t lose weight before the role, the restrictive corset minimal her digestion––meaning that she shed weight in bespeak to remain in the corset for filming.

24. Michelle Pfieffer, Scarface, 1983

Michelle Pfieffer played Elvira, a woman addicted to cocaine in the 1983 crime movie.

In order to acquire the emaciated look of a permanent user, Pfieffer said she pretty much existed on a diet the "tomato soup and Marlboros".

Pfieffer has since spoken out around how stressful the experience was, given that the shoot because that the movie it s long for six weeks much longer than the was supposed to.

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25. Matthew Fox, Alex Cross, 2012

Matthew Fox, well-known for his performance on long-running TV series Lost, lost 40 pounds because that his component in the 2012 crime thriller Alex Cross.

Fox theatre a cage-fighting assassin in the film, and also went v a challenging five month training regime for the part.