If she a pet owner, girlfriend may have heard who say, “A dog’s mouth is cleaner 보다 a who mouth.” You might have also uttered it yourself!

While it might feel comforting come say this acquainted adage, is it yes, really true?

Are dogs mouths clean and if not, what’s within of them? prior to you give your pet pooch a smack on the lips, read on. Today, we’re experimenting what really lies behind Fido’s cheeky grin.

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Are dogs Mouths Clean? The short Answer

Let’s acquire straight to the answer.

No! her dog’s mouth is not sparkling clean, and it’s absolutely no fresher 보다 yours. In fact, researcher have found that over there are numerous bacterial varieties unique to dogs acquisition up residence in his saliva. Moreover, that same saliva can also be house to assorted kinds of parasites.

Specifically, there are at the very least 600 different species of bacteria in her pup’s mouth. While the number could sound shocking, consider that humans have even more, clocking in at about 615 different types and counting. 

If some of those germs space accidentally sent to you, lock can cause a range of medical conditions. To stay on the safe side, it’s ideal to stick come snuggles, not kisses!

The many Prevalent kinds of Bacteria

It’s approximated that just 2% the dog owners brush your pet’s teeth on a everyday basis, in spite of veterinarian’s recommendations. Failing to execute this straightforward task have the right to lead to much more than just a negative case the halitosis.

It can also cause plaque and also biofilm to construct up on her dog’s this over time, which can lead to dentist disease. If your dog has actually any kind of dental condition (including mild), this deserve to lead to too much – and also harmful – bacteria in his mouth. Other factors that aid control the amount and kind the bacteria current include:

His geneticsHis dental hygieneHis environment

Knowing this, it helps to understand what you’re dealing with. Next, let’s take a look in ~ a few of the most influential kinds of bacteria lurking in your dog’s slobber.


Pasteurella room a genus the zoonotic bacteria. This method they have the right to be transmitted in between animals and also humans. They normally inhabit your dog’s skin, digestive tract, and also oral cavity and also don’t usually reason him any harm. Yet, under the ideal conditions, lock can cause serious infections.

If the bacteria spread in between dogs (via coughing, sneezing or bite wounds), the can cause a range of diseases, consisting of infection in the:

Nasal cavitySinusesEyesJointsEarsChest cavity Brain covering

In addition, Pasteurella have the right to lead to pneumonia in dogs. If you exposed to it, you can experience serious skin infections. 

Intestinal Bacteria

A couple of of the many common types of minister bacteria existing in dog include:

SalmonellaClostridiaE. Coli Campylobacter 

In numerous cases, her dog could be infected v these bacteria but not show any symptoms. Yet, they continue to be on your feces. Then, if you choose up ~ him and your hands come into call with those feces, you have the right to transmit the bacteria right into your human body via oral contact.

What carry out these bacteria need to do v your pup’s mouth? that no secret that dogs tend to lick your anus, specifically when those glands are influenced or agitated. Lock may likewise smell, lick, or even ingest their own or feces from an additional dog. Once this happens, those bacteria deserve to transmit native one place to the next.

Bartonella henselae

You might have heard that Bartonella henselae indirectly as “cat-scratch disease”.

Yet, when this proteobacterium is the causative agent behind this serious infection, it have the right to also impact dogs.

How? that contaminates your feces with infected lice, ticks, and also fleas, which deserve to lead come bacteria in your mouth. While cat scratches have the right to lead to human contamination, research remains unclear on even if it is the same holds true with canines. 


That’s a cute tongue you gained there! might not be the clean though…

Where perform the remainder of the virus Come From?

Now we’ve spanned the straightforward question, “Are dog mouths cleaner than humans?” Still, if the price is “no”, then where execute the remainder of those virus come from?

After all, her dog isn’t precisely foraging in the wild. He is house-trained and lives a plush life, for this reason his mouth do not do it be the dirty, right? transforms out, that exposed to more bacteria 보다 you could think.

During the food of an average day, her dog’s mouth come into call with a variety of surfaces and also materials, including:


That’s since this species is provided to utilizing its mouth to do a wide variety of actions! In enhancement to eating and also drinking, her dog can use his to:

Scratch a stubborn itchFetch a toyRemove bugs, debris, or carpet from their coatLick a woundBark and also express affectionClean himself

Any of these actions have the right to expose his mouth come a plethora of new germs the weren’t there before.

This is especially the instance with self-cleaning and grooming. Prefer cats, dog are offered to licking us in a self-cleaning ritual. While that a harmless actions most that the time, it can quickly turn right into a danger one if your mouth come into contact with a wound or surgical site. 

In this case, the can cause the wound to become infected, which can lead come topical infections and also internal health problems. It is why it’s constantly best to leaving a cone on her pup if he’s had actually a wound treated at the vet!

Can i Contract my Dog’s Germs?

As we’ve mentioned above, there room some instances in which you have the right to come into call with germs that live in her dog’s mouth. However, it’s crucial to notification that this contamination usually come after you take care of your dog’s feces or space scratched by your furry pal.

For the many part, it’s uncommon to swap conditions with her dog orally. 

That’s because, through the exemption of Pasteurella, most of the bacteria that live in her dog’s mouth are not zoonotic. In various other words, a bulk of them space incapable of passing from animals to humans. 

That method you’re generally totally free to provide your dog a big kiss without are afraid of coming to be infected or inflicted through a disease. The course, just like every rule, there room exceptions.

If your dog is fed a life meat diet, he’s at a greater risk that contracting Salmonella and other zoonotic bacteria, follow to the CDC. In addition, if he’s provided to acquiring into her kitty’s litter box, he might be exposed come a variety of bacteria the live in her feces. In both cases, it’s best to avoid direct mouth-to-mouth call with her pup, yet cute he can be!

Maintaining your Dog’s oral Hygiene

Now that we understand a little more about those behind his smile, stop talk around a couple of ways you deserve to keep her dog’s mouth together clean as possible. ~ all, when you might not actively lean in because that a kiss, friend never know when he’s going to deliver a slobbery wake-up call, and you should be prepared!

If girlfriend don’t autumn into that abovementioned 2% of pets owners, the time to begin brushing your dog’s teeth. Today, over there are many tools and accessories you can buy to make this procedure a many easier and also quicker than it sounds. In addition to the work you execute at home, it’s additionally helpful to carry him right into your vet’s office for continuous dental cleanings and also check-ups.

Taking these an easy precautions can assist you identify any type of issues v your dog’s mouth. It have the right to also aid ward periodontal disease, for this reason his gums are always as healthy as possible. 

If your dog is just a puppy, begin brushing his this early. This will gain him offered to the routine and help set healthy habits, appropriate from the an extremely beginning. Once you carry out so, make certain to only use toothpaste and also toothbrushes designed because that canine teeth. Person toothpaste might smell and also look an ext pleasant, yet it consists of ingredients, such as xylitol, that can be exceptionally toxic to her dog.

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Stay Clean and Confident 

By now, we’ve taken an thorough look at the straightforward question, “Are dogs mouths clean?” as you’ve seen, the price is much from straightforward. Depending on your dog’s habits, diet, environment, and other factors, the number and also degree of bacteria present can different greatly.

Naturally, you desire to keep your dog’s mouth as sanitary as possible. Doing for this reason can help him live a longer, an ext comfortable life cost-free of oral afflictions the can affect his whole physical makeup. In addition, make his dental hygiene a priority also keeps you safe! This way, if you perform encounter the occasional, immediate kisses from your pup, you won’t need to think twice.