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2 British ladies, Kim Woodburn and also Aggie MacKenzie, take on several of the messiest dwellings in the country. The outcomes are sometimes hilarious and also sometimes fairly touching, but constantly entertaining and motivating.The reflects follow a formula wherein our heroines are dubbed in come what have to be the filthiest homes in the country to execute a cleaning intervention. The home owners are invariably hoarders that couldn"t find their floors also if they wanted to vacuum or dust. Regularly the situation is made lot worse by multiple pets. In ~ the beginning of each illustration Kim and Aggie take united state on a tour of the home"s sad squalor. This is followed by a confrontation v the residence owner about how they ever before arrived at together a state. Kim affect an waiting of righteous, yet comic, indignation together she takes castle to task with vibrant expressions like, "You filthy beggar, you!" or "Mucky pup!" Some civilization laugh it off while others seem genuinely contrite, however all show up to be in ~ a complete loss as to where to start to remedy the situation. Then the clean begins!The ladies present the "filth offender" a couple of interesting cleaning tips. Because that instance, did you recognize that hot sauce can be offered to clean brass? Or that shaving cream is an excellent to clean and also shine a stainless steel sink? once they acquire the house owners on the best track, lock are sent out away and also Kim and also Aggie bring in their cleaning crew. (Yes, periodically it takes a town to clean a house!) at the finish of each show, the owners space brought earlier in and also taken on a tourism of their now spotless and sparkling rooms. Some laugh through delight, others burst into tears of relief. Every promise come do far better in future and keep that clean. Over there is a monitor up two weeks later to see if the owners are keeping their promise.Kim and also Aggie space engaging world who manage to do housecleaning entertaining and fun. They wear outrageously trimmed rubber job-related gloves together they go around their tasks. Kim is never much less than perfectly coifed and also bejeweled as she cleans toilets, tubs, and sinks. She commentary is often laugh the end loud funny. Aggie, the much more serious of the two, take away swabs and also samples which are sent out off come a lab. She then has the chore that explaining come the owners just what is cultivation in your foul bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms.The shows presented right here are from the Lifetime series wherein the females tackle dwellings in the us (notably California and new York). Return they use some share cleaning item (baking soda, vinegar, lemons, salt, bleach, etc.) the US collection contains a many brand surname product placement. Through contrast, the episodes produced for the BBC rely exclusively on generic items.It"s really tough to sit through whole episode the the show. You store wanting to obtain up and try one of your cleaning tips, or girlfriend may find an irresistible urge to watch what the top of your own ceiling fans look like. Also already great housekeepers deserve to learn miscellaneous from this gals! If you"re who who requirements a small nudge to obtain started on your cleaning, watching these reflects should carry out it!The DVD collection contains two periods (thirty ripe episodes) on 4 disks. There are no distinct features. The disks are packaged in a slim case, two on each side.

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The height disks room a little bit of a challenge to obtain tightly on your spindles; 2 came loosened during shipping however arrived undamaged.