Is It possible to watch Russia indigenous Alaska?

Could you yes, really “see Russia from her house” if you live in Alaska?

Far native the rest of the U.S., the “Last Frontier” stretches right into the Arctic. Just across the water lies Russia, however how far away is that from Alaska, anyway?

We take a closer look in ~ just exactly how close these two areas are, and some other remarkable facts about this distinct border region.

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Let’s explore!

What’s the Distance in between Russia and Alaska?

If friend didn’t already know, Alaska is pretty big! This is true not simply in full area, but also from eastern to west. And also that provides this prize a little complicated.

The the next distance between mainland Alaska and mainland Russia is simply 55 miles. However, the distance is just 2.5 miles as soon as measured in between Russia’s big Diomede Island and the U.S.’s tiny Diomede Island.

On the flip side, the distance is virtually 3,700 miles once measured indigenous Alaska’s southeastern border close to Annette to the most southern allude on Russia’s west coast, near Botchinsky State Nature Preserve.

From big Diomede Island (Russia) to little Diomede Island (Alaska) is just 2.5 miles.

What Lies in between the Two?

The area in between Russia and Alaska is covered by 2 bodies of water, the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea. The Bering Sea is the northernmost component of the Pacific Ocean. It splits right into a shallower area in the north and east and also a deeper ar to the south and west.

It contains the Bering Strait, which gives the primary accessibility from the Pacific come the Arctic Ocean. The area is home to many islands of differing sizes, including Russia’s Bering Island and also St. Paul Island in Alaska.

North that the Bering Strait, the Chukchi Sea lies between the northernmost will of Russia and also Alaska. This icy water is frozen for lot of the year and also is only navigable between July and also October. It has actually relatively few islands or various other landmasses, Russia’s Wrangel Island being the most prominent.

On a clean day you deserve to see mainland Russia native mainland Alaska.

Can girlfriend Really watch Russia native Alaska?

Yes! It’s pretty simple to check out from big Diomede Island to little Diomede Island. You can additionally see mainland Russia native mainland Alaska on clear days. You can glimpse mainland Siberia from greater elevation point out on Cape Prince that Wales, Alaska. At just over 50 miles, it’ll be a distant view but still proves the you can see Russia indigenous Alaska.

Could you Swim in between Alaska and also Russia?

Not just is it feasible to swim in between Alaska and also Russia, however several world have excellent it. The many notable of this is Lynne Cox. She swam between large and small Diomede islands in 1987 together a Cold War-era tranquility gesture.

She completed the cross in simply over two hrs in 38-degree water. The feat also made it right into the conversation between then-Soviet chairman Mikhail Gorbachev and also U.S. Chairman Ronald Reagan.

In another impressive swim feat, a French swimmer that lacks legs and arms swam in between Alaska’s little Diomede Island and the Russian marine border in 2012. He supplied special prosthetics to execute so. Unfortunately, he couldn’t replicate Cox’s complete crossing to large Diomede Island, as Russia refuse him entry.

Could friend Drive in between Them?

These days, the prize is no. The Bering Strait is relatively shallow at around 50 meters deep. But, it’s absolutely still not shallow sufficient to tackle in a automobile or truck. However, if we could travel ago in time around 10,000 years or so, it would be a various story.

At the finish of the last ice Age, water levels dropped hundreds of feet together the water froze into huge glaciers. This exposed the vast, flat seafloor in between modern-day Russia and Alaska. In fact, it created a land leg that scientists think likely permitted human migration come the Americas. Therefore while you’d most likely need a nice sturdy off-road vehicle, a drive between Alaska and Russia was absolutely possible.

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There is right now no bridge between Alaska and Russia.

Could You develop a Bridge between Alaska and also Russia?

Based on other bridges roughly the world, you could build a bridge between Alaska and Russia. This is true whether you’re considering a bridge between the little islands or also the main landmasses. The world’s existing record because that the longest leg is the Danyang-Kunshan grand Bridge in China, i m sorry is more than 102 mile long. That’s nearly dual the 55-mile broad of the Bering Strait at its narrowest.

While this is technically possible, the bridge wouldn’t gain much use. The closest communities of Wales, Alaska, and also Uelen, Russia, room tiny and unconnected to any type of existing road network.

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How comparable Are the 2 Regions?

Both Russia and also Alaska room pretty massive. Russia’s southwestern locations near the black Sea, like Sochi, can be sunny and also warm. Its large metropolises favor Moscow and also St. Petersburg dwarf also Alaska’s biggest cities.

However, Alaska and Russia room quite comparable if you’re considering just the locations where the two are geographically closest. These areas are populated by small, isolated communities that attend to long, cold winters, collection amid huge expanses that unspoiled wilderness.

Like plenty of international borders, the distinction between the two can gain lost as soon as the only difference is an arbitrary splitting line.

While experimenting Alaska, make sure to shot to look out at Russia.

Why Doesn’t Russia own Alaska?

It seems choose it might make an ext sense for Russia to control Alaska. Russia even claimed the area throughout the 18th century, interested in the region’s organic resources. However, it couldn’t invest in emerging much that a irreversible presence. So Russia offered to market the area to the U.S. In 1859.

The sale went v in 1867 for $7.2 million, around $133 million in today’s dollars.

You deserve to See Russia from Alaska, But…

The wild, sparsely populated an ar home come Alaska and also Russia is just one of the many distinctive international borders in the world. But in numerous ways, the nearby areas that both nations are rather similar.

It’s absolutely possible to watch Russia indigenous Alaska. But, the isn’t the most basic feat and also certainly no for anyone various other than the most devoted travelers. Have you ever tried it?

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