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San Juan Puerto Rico
Florida Puerto Rico73.5km, estimated 53 mins

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Road Trip
Ave Juan Ponce De León/PR-25

Cam Florida/Cll Arizmendi/PR-642

Driving street to Florida Puerto Rico from san Juan Puerto Rico 73.5km, approximated 53 mins. Road map

Highway route generated between San Juan Puerto Rico and also Florida Puerto Rico.The distance in between these 2 cities is 73.5km, approximated 53 mins.Under the roadway map we have generated, you will watch the safety and security cameras that you"ll encounter on her journey, we have to note the although we update our database daily, it is feasible that a radar is installed speed regulate close Florida Puerto Rico not yet show.On the ideal you can see the route step by step from san Juan Puerto Rico come Florida Puerto Rico, likewise show you images of her trip.If for any type of reason you watch that miscellaneous is wrong or that you have the right to improve or just want to comment on this trip, you have the right to do so at the bottom that this page.

Road map in between San Juan Puerto Rico and Florida Puerto Rico

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Towns between San Juan Puerto Rico and Florida Puerto Rico (less 보다 20 mi)

Bayamon (Puerto Rico) 32,95 mi from allude 1Population: 1.699 Altitude: 0Ciales (Puerto Rico) 32,49 mi from point 2Population: 3.082 Altitude: 361Bairoa (Puerto Rico) 32,29 mi from point 3Population: 2.365 Altitude: 180Caguas (Puerto Rico) 30,89 mi from allude 4Population: 88.680 Altitude: 189Isabela (Puerto Rico) 42,06 mi from allude 5Population: 12.818 Altitude: 74Mora (Puerto Rico) 42,11 mi from suggest 6Population: 1.857 Altitude: 0Hormigueros (Puerto Rico) 37,92 mi from allude 7Population: 12.444 Altitude: 115

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Fuente de la Recordación-San Juan, through Ricardo David Jusino

El Capitolio de Puerto Rico desde la parte Sur-San Juan, by Ricardo David Jusino

sheeatshere.com, by SHE-EATS

Fuente Dedicada al Patriotismo de los Puertorriqueños al defender su patria y su única bandera, la monoestrellada-San Juan, by Ricardo David Jusino