The video clip President Trump shared was originally submitted to a pro-Trump forum on the social media website Reddit
The Reddit user who created the CNN wrestling gif adapted and shared by chairman Donald Trump has apologised for racist and anti-Semitic comments.

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But CNN has actually been accused that "blackmail" by prominent alt appropriate social media influencers following the broadcaster's investigation right into the Reddit user's identity.

The gif was first published by a Reddit user, who has because deleted his account, on 28 June. The creator the the gif has an attack word in his username the we room unable come state, therefore we have removed the word and will describe him together "HanSolo".

In his apology, posted on Reddit, HanSolo said: "I would favor to apologise come the members of the Reddit neighborhood for getting this site and also this sub embroiled in a debate that need to never have happened."

"I would also like come apologize for the write-ups made that were racist, bigoted, and anti-semitic. Ns am in no means this kind of person," that continued.

Adding: "I would never ever support any kind of kind the violence or actions versus others simply for what they think in, your religion, or the way of living they pick to have. Nor would certainly I carry out any violence against anyone based upon that or assistance anyone who did."

CNN has not revealed the true identification of the user, who additionally took steps to delete offensive product he had actually posted, consisting of racist posts, however said that "reserves the best to i have announced his identity should any kind of of the change".

That line has actually been the focus of much of the criticism levelled at CNN. Critics claim it amounts to a threat against the individual concerned.

But Andrew Kazcynski, the journalist that wrote the article, asserted that the line had been misunderstood.

Propelled by right-wing US net personalities and Julian Assange, the hashtag #CNNBlackmail has been tweeted over half a million times since the short article documenting exactly how CNN tracked down HanSolo to be published.

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Social media users have actually responded to the 'blackmail' by producing memes accusing CNN of producing "fake news" and also being defeated by president Trump

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange accused CNN the "blackmailing a personal citizen" and tweeted: "When trumped goes low CNN go lower: endangers to dox artist behind 'CNN head' video clip if he makes fun of lock again".

Image source, Twitter

Right-wing virtual activists and conspiracy theorists, consisting of Jack Posobiec and also Mark Dice, were amongst those to share the hashtag.

Image source, Twitter

In a video posted ~ above Twitter, right-wing author and also commentator Mike Cernovich accused CNN the "extortion", and also "doxxing" - the publishing of exclusive or identify information around individuals on the internet.

Cernovich has been defined as the "meme mastermind of the alt-right" and also was critical in dispersing false claims around Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 united state election.

Responding come criticism indigenous Cernovich, Kaczynski tweeted that the broadcaster "specifically determined not to reveal the guy's identity and also to speak we endangered anyone is a full lie".

Though CNN had attempted to contact HanSolo, Kaczynski claims the broadcaster had not talked to him prior to an apology was issued.

Kaczynski stated he had talked to HanSolo and also that the previous Reddit user agreed that he had not been threatened by Kaczynski or CNN.

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Rumours turn around on society media had said that the user to be a 15-year-old, however Kaczynski denies this.

He consequently tweeted: "Correcting misinformation. HanSolo is one adult and not 15 which civilization have spread."