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Last year as soon as I posted around how lot I like roasting corn, I had actually several human being tell me that the most delicious means to chef corn is to boil it v a cup of milk and also a stick butter. I finally got about to do the efforts it and I agree – this is the many delicious way to chef corn.




The corn cooks up so flavorful, fresh tasting and also rich. You’ll be so obsessed through it you won’t even care what rather is being served.


No must slather butter everywhere the corn. This corn already has a buttery taste.

Just a little salt and pepper and this corn top top the cob is all set to go.

And actually, if you use a rod of salted butter, you could find you don’t also need to add any salt.


Some people add sugar too, however I uncover the corn available around here throughout the summer is already sweet enough.

If you doubt your corn is a tiny lacking in flavor, you can want to include some street to perk it up.



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Best way to cook Corn ~ above the Cob

Boiling corn v a cup the milk and also a rod of butter create the many delicious corn imaginable. Important the BEST way to cook corn ~ above the cob!
PREP: 5 mins
COOK: 8 mins
TOTAL: 13 mins
SERVINGS: 6 to 8 servings
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▢ 6-8 ear of corn, husks and also silks removed and cut in half (if desired)▢ 1 cup milk


Bring water come a boil.
Add milk and butter. Add corn and reduce heat.
Simmer corn for 6 come 8 minutes.
Remove corn from food preparation liquid and also its ready to serve.


Calories: 110kcal
Author: Christin Mahrlig
Course: next Dish
Cuisine: American

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Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.

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