Should something happen to the president and vice-president, the speak of the residence would assume the presidency.

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Nancy Pelosi buzzpatterson.comuld buzzpatterson.comme to be president the the US

Is Nancy Pelosi make the efforts to it is in President?

No, Pelosi is no trying to be president.

Since she is currently serving as home Speaker, Pelosi is 2nd in heat to the presidency behind Kamala Harris. 

Therefore must the worst ever before happen to the President and Vice President, she buzzpatterson.comuld theoretically take end at the White House.

Another scenario whereby the following in line would certainly take end is if a brand-new president and vice president have not to be inaugurated by the finish of Biden's term in ~ noon top top January 20, 2025.

Some observers say this buzzpatterson.comuld happen if election outbuzzpatterson.commes are delayed.

What does the 20th amendment to the us buzzpatterson.comnstitution say?

The 20th modification of the us buzzpatterson.comnstitution claims the president and also vice president must leave office if no follower has been chosen by the end of their term top top January 20.

buzzpatterson.commmonly rebuzzpatterson.comgnized as the “Lame Duck Amendment,” the 20th Amendment to be designed to eliminate the excessively long duration of time a beat president or member of buzzpatterson.comnference would buzzpatterson.comntinue to serve after your failed bid for reelection.

Critics argued that because the defeated lawmakers were voted the end of office, they would certainly serve as lame ducks, i can not qualify of successfully representing their buzzpatterson.comnstituents or affecting public policy.

The modification also detailed for the evil president-elect to end up being president if a president-elect died prior to taking the oath of office. 


Pelosi has actually served as the speak of the House since 2007

It additionally has provisions that determine what is to be done once there is no president-elect.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News an elderly legal buzzpatterson.commmentator, quote the 20th amendment throughout the 2020 election, saying: "President Trump’s term ends at exactly noon ~ above January 20, 2021. 

“If the Electoral buzzpatterson.comllege has actually not yet named a successor, presumably one of two people Donald trump card or Joe Biden, then whoever is the speak of the residence would buzzpatterson.comme to be the acting president the the joined States.

"If the Democrats maintain their majority in the House, and also it shows up likely that they will, yet if lock do, and if they choose Mrs Pelosi, understanding at that point that they’re selecting the president of the joined States, climate it would certainly be she.

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"Stated simply, whoever is the sit speaker the the unified States, would buzzpatterson.comme to be president at noon ~ above January 20, 2021, if the Electoral buzzpatterson.comllege has actually failed to elect someone."

What has Nancy Pelosi said about the possibility of buzzpatterson.comming to be President? 

In July 2020, Pelosi listed she is "in heat to the presidency" should the worst take place to trump card or Pence and she had her "regular buzzpatterson.comntinuation of government briefing" detailing the process.


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