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In the winter of 2018, a crew indigenous Aquatica Submarines ventured come the bottom that the good Blue Hole and also made some unanticipated discoveries.

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Narrator: There"s a substantial underwater sinkhole turn off the shore of Belize that extends 125 meters into the Earth"s crust. It"s dubbed the good Blue Hole. Scuba divers and also snorkelers have actually been seafaring the surface waters because that decades, but couple of have dared to venture deeper and also explore what lies beyond the blackness.

In the winter the 2018, a crew native Aquatica Submarines began their descent to the bottom the the Blue Hole. Your mission was to develop a 3D map of the sinkhole"s interior, but along the way, they came across some common and not-so-common sights.

As the crew started, they discovered the normal suspects: reef sharks, turtles, and giant corals. Yet as they pushed 90 meters, life began to vanish. The culprit was a special layer of toxicity hydrogen sulfide spanning the width of the whole sinkhole choose a floating blanket.

Erika Bergman: Underneath the there"s no oxygen, no life, and down over there we discovered conchs and also conch shells and hermit crabs that had actually fallen right into the hole and suffocated, really.

Narrator: past the conch graveyard and also toward the bottom the the hole, about 120 meter deep, the team discovered something they did no expect: small stalactites. The surprise provided scientists ideas to the hole"s ancient past.

Bergman: Stalactites can only form because water is dripping down stone. And also so we recognize that this to be a big, dry cave, and it was throughout a yes, really prolific era top top Earth, therefore there to be probably several stuff life in it.

Narrator: scientists think the cavern formed throughout the last ice Age, i beg your pardon ended around 14,000 year ago. That"s as soon as sea levels began to rise, and the cave flooded and collapsed, leaving behind the Blue hole we view today. Researchers think that other maritime sinkholes, prefer Dragon feet in southern China Sea, and Dean"s Blue hole in the Bahamas probably created the very same way.

As the scientists ongoing down the hole, castle found another clue come the past: a irradiate buildup the silt on optimal of the conch graveyard.

Bergman: The silt itself on the bottom is a pretty good record of all of the various hurricanes and storm cycles and also glaciations that have happened, so we deserve to see that right roughly the time of the Mayan collapse, there were huge, substantial storm cycles complied with by very far-ranging droughts.

Narrator: as the team continued to discover the bottom the the hole, they uncovered a 2-liter Coke bottle and also a lost GoPro containing part vacation photos. But that wasn"t all.

Bergman: us did encounter two of the probable three civilization who have actually been shed in the Blue Hole, for this reason we uncovered kind the the resting ar of a pair folks, and we just sort of an extremely respectfully permit the Belize government know where we found them, and also everyone chose that we would simply not attempt any recovery. It"s an extremely dark and also peaceful under there, just kind of permit them stay.

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Narrator: researchers predict this hole won"t be approximately forever come explore. Every day, waterfalls of sand autumn into it, progressively filling that up prefer an underwater hourglass. However as for now, we deserve to still excellent its beauty and study its countless mysteries.