When the brand-new River Gorge bridge was completed on October 22, 1977, a travel difficulty was solved. The bridge reduced a 40-minute drive under narrow hill roads and across one of phibìc America"s oldest rivers to less than a minute. As soon as it involves road construction, hills do posture a challenge. In the instance of the new River canyon Bridge, challenge was transformed into a job-related of structural arts - the longest steel expectancy in the west hemisphere and the third highest in the unified States.

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The brand-new River canyon Bridge is among the most photographed areas in West Virginia. The bridge was chosen to represent the state top top the commemorative quarter released by the U.S. Mint in 2006. In 2013, the nationwide Park Service noted the new River Gorge leg in the nationwide Register of historic Places together a far-ranging historic resource.

Bridge Construction


The West Virginia division of Highways made decision the Michael Baker firm as the designer, and also the building and construction contract was awarded to the American Bridge department of U.S. Steel. In June 1974, the very first steel to be positioned end the canyon by trolleys running on three-inch diameter cables. The cables were strung 3,500 feet between two matching towers. Cor-ten steel, v a rust-like appearance the never requirements painting, was used in construction.

Bridge Day

Two basic jumpers ~ above their way down.

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On the third Saturday of October, the Fayette County room of business hosts "Bridge Day." top top this at some point a year, the famous brand-new River Gorge leg is open to pedestrians and a wide selection of activities—great views, food and crafts vendors, base jumping, rappelling, music, and more—draw countless people. Leg Day is West Virginia"s biggest one-day festival, and also it is the largest extreme sports event in the world.

The an initial official bridge Day was celebrated in 1980 once two parachutists jumped indigenous a plane onto the bridge. They were joined by three extr parachutists, and also all five then jumped native the bridge into the gorge.Today, the occasion lures thousands of BASE jumpers, cheered ~ above by hundreds of spectators. "BASE" stands for Building, Antenna (tower), expectations (arch or bridge), and also Earth (cliff or organic formation), the four categories of objects in which basic jumpers run from.

Looking for details on bridge Day? if the bridge might be the crown ~ above the Beautiful new River Gorge, bridge Day is an event hosted through the leg Day commission. For much more information, visit the official Bridgeday website, or speak to the new River Convention and Visitors bureau at (800) 927-0263.

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NOTE: Pets, bicycles, carts, and also strollers are not allowed on the bridge throughout Bridge Day. Coolers, packages, and huge packs or satchels will certainly not be allowed on the bridge for protection reasons.

The new River Gorge bridge spans the canyon filled v clouds.

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The new River Gorge leg is situated on U. S. Course 19, just north that Fayetteville, WV. That is easily reached native Interstates 64, 77, & 79 and from U. S. Route 60 (Midland Trail). That is approximately 30 minutes phibìc of Beckley, 70 minutes eastern of Charleston, and 70 minutes southern of federal government 79. On the north side of the bridge, Canyon rim Visitor facility provides impressive overlooks the the bridge. If you have actually the time, take into consideration driving the Fayette Station roadway because that some wonderful views from under the bridge.