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Hot commodity! Aaron Rodgers is no only renowned for his career in the NFL but also for his A-list relationships through the years.

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Us Weekly confirmed the athlete is dating actress Shailene Woodley in February 2021.

Rodgers then announced that he’s not just dating who — he is engaged. He shared the news throughout the NFL Honors awards. The NFL quarterback took house the 2020 AP Most an important Player award throughout the televised celebration.

“2020 was certainly a stunner year fill with many change, growth, some amazing, memorable moments, 180 directly days of having my sleep hair scraped, playing for very small fans or no was standing the whole season,” Rodgers said during his speech. “I got engaged and I played some of the ideal football in mine career. Therefore I’d favor to thank, an initial and foremost, my team members for their support, their inspiration, protection, remarkable play on the field. … off the field I’ve acquired a great group of human being that support me, for this reason I’d choose to give thanks to my team.”

Rodgers detailed several human being in his circle before giving a special shout-out come “my fiancée.”

The environment-friendly Bay Packers player revealed his engagement quickly after Us evidenced his romance with the Big small Lies actress.

“Aaron and also Shailene are dating!” a source shared in February 2021. “They started off together friends, however things have turned romantic. The 2 are continuing to be in contact while they are living far from every other. The connection is long-distance for right now, however they are making it work.”

Prior come Woodley, Rodgers dated Danica Patrick. A rep because that Patrick shown her break-up from Rodgers in July 2020, informing Us the football player and the race vehicle driver to be “no longer together” after an ext than 2 years together a couple.

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Rodgers was additionally previously linked to Olivia Munn, whom he dated for 3 years.

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