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Olivia Munn is gaining candid about her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers",much publicized rocky partnership with his family.

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The 37-year-old actress appeared on Andy Cohen"s Sirius XM show, Radio Andy, ~ above Wednesday, whereby she damaged her silence on the drama surrounding Rodgers" family. Munn addressed tabloid reports that she was the cause of the riftbetween the 34-year-old green Bay Packers quarterback and his prompt family, i beg your pardon Rodgers" younger brother, Jordan, speak openly about during his time ~ above The Bachelorette.

Munn clarifies the the notoriously exclusive Rodgers did no mind the she talked around him in interviews while they were dating. The two break-up last April after practically three years of dating.

"I have avoided speaking about him for a long time," Munn says. "Before you walk on a talk present it would be like, "Yeah, you deserve to say something around me if friend want." i didn’t typically talk about relationships in those things and so, he in reality didn’t mind it, he type of favored it."

As because that Rodgers" family, Munn claims she to be in truth friendly v Jordan, and did fulfill his parents, Edward and Darla, many times. She additionally says Rodgers was already estranged native his family before the two started dating, and also that she actually encouraged him to repair the relationship.

"Before he and also I started dating the hadn’t spoken to the parents and one brother for, like, eight months before we started dating," she says. "And in reality I mental my last day ~ above The Newsroom ... I spent the work in mine trailer just encouraging him to have an moral conversation with your parents, and we simply kind that did cartridge points. And then they had a yes, really nice conversation, and they began coming the end my first year once I to be in green Bay in 2014,and climate it just… ."

Munn is clearly sympathetic to Rodgers, and suggeststhat the root of his family problems is that his household -- consisting of his larger brother, Luke -- is invested in his career an ext than is healthy.

"I do believe that family and also fame and also success have the right to be really complicated if their desires are linked to her success," Munn says. "My family, mine younger brothers is gaining his doctor in physics, my sister i graduated magna cum laude from legislation school, mine stepfather is a doctor, mine brother has a custom motorcycle business. Nobody desires to it is in famous. My mom is a tiny old asian lady -- couldn’t be more little or an ext old or asian if friend tried. Over there is no link with the dreams that they desire to perform in organization to mine career."

"I mean, father play football and he’s a sporting activities chiropractor, and also his brother -- they’re all right into sports," she continues. "They’re all in sports. And Aaron is just one of the finest -- if not the ideal -- quarterbackto ever play the game, so their work has actually a direct link to what that does and also that’s the finish of the day over there is a the majority of complications. I don’t think either side of the roadway is clean, but I perform think it’s not OK once you shot to stand on someone’s shoulders and then throw dirt in your face, i m sorry is what i think they did v him."

Last August, Rodgers handle his split from Munn in an interview withESPN, and recognized the unfair reports the their relationship affected his play on the field.

"When you are living out a connection in the general public eye, it"s definitely ... It"s difficult," the saidof his relationship with Munn. "It has actually some extra constraints, since you have actually other opinions around your relationship, just how it influence your job-related and, girlfriend know, just some unreasonable connections."

He did, however, continue to be private about his partnership with his family.

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"Alot of civilization have family members issues," the said. "I"m no the only one the does. It requirements to be handled the right way."

Rodgers" partnership with his household made headlines duringJordan"s time contending on The Bachelorette in 2016. Throughout a date with his now-fiancee, JoJo Fletcher,Jordan acknowledged, "Me and Aaron don"t really have actually that much of a relationship. It"s just kind that the way he"s preferred to carry out life, and I determined to remain close v my family and my parents and also my brother."

"It"s not ideal," he added. "I love him and I can"t imagine what it"slike to be in his shoes and also to have the requirements from people that that . I don’t have difficult feelings against him, it"s just exactly how things go ideal now."

Meanwhile, Rodgers" father, Ed, spoke about the family members rift to The brand-new York Times last January.“It’s great to have actually it every come out," the said, though listed that the doesn’t “think it’s appropriate to talk around family ingredient publicly,” however "fame can readjust things.”

Rodgers is currently dating gyeongju driver Danica Patrickand the two haven"t to be shy about their relationship.The coupleshowed PDA in ~ the Daytona 500 prior to she fight the track in February.

“He’s funny, he’s really kind, he’s thoughtful, he’s at sight smart," Patrick claimed of Rodgers throughout her illustration on theRachael Ray present last month. "And he’s really an excellent at football. And also he’s tall and he’s big and I favor that.”

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