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Born might 28, 1970 inDublin, Ireland
Died December 3, 2002 inNorth Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (drug overdose)
Birth NameGlenn martin Christopher Francis Quinn
Height 5"10"(1.78m)
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Quinn was born in Dublin, Ireland, and also moved to the United states with his mother and also two sisters in 1988. His first role was as a pool shark in the Richard Marx video Satisfied. He later on landed a significant role in the john Travolta film Shout (1991), where he mutual a screen kiss v Gwyneth Paltrow. The went top top to have roles in a variety of other movies and television series. His many notable functions were together Becky"s husband, Mark, top top Roseanne (1988) and half-demon Doyle ~ above the WB"s point of view (1999). He passed away of a heroin overdose in 2002.

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household (2)
parents Quinn, Murty
relatives Quinn, Sonya (sibling) Quinn, Louisa (sibling)
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Though originally from Dublin, Ireland, many of Quinn"s duties have dubbed for him come hide his ireland accent and also don an American one. The WB collection Angel (1999) to be his first role in an American series where he was permitted to usage his own brogue. Quinn"s an initial screen kiss remained in Shout (1991) through Gwyneth Paltrow. While still playing mark on Roseanne (1988), Quinn also took a role as youngest kid Cedric top top a collection called Covington overcome (1992). Yet while Roseanne (1988) filmed in the US, Covington cross (1992) was filmed in England, which gave the gibbs one hell of a commute.
His character mark Healy ~ above Roseanne (1988) was intended to it is in a one-episode guest appearance, but came to be a seven-year stint.
His father Murty is a musician who played through Dickie Rock and the Miami Showband, and also later The Sands with Tony Kenny.
prospered up in Cabinteely, Dublin, Ireland under the street from Cinematographer / Producer Noel Donnellon and Animator / manager Paul Donnellon.
Though enabled to use his aboriginal Irish interval in the display Angel (1999), it to be so thick that he had actually to sometimes "Americanize" it so you can understand what he was saying. This occasionally made that sound together if his accent to be fading in and also out.
when you acquire to speak Irish, you become much more at one through yourself, you sort of have a spark when you use it, and I think it"s a good dialect. Once they first cast me, i was a quite avid pan of vampire movies and Celtic mythology, so ns was excited to obtain a opportunity to walk in Doyle"s shoes and also have fun with it.
I"m right into doing my own stunts. Ns learned years ago when i was law a show for American TV called Covington Cross. I had actually a many fighting and rough ingredient in that and also I constantly want to perform my very own stunts -- it simply looks a lot of better. We"ve acquired really an excellent stunt men on the show and also they teach united state all this stuff. The various other night I had to put on a earlier brace and pads and also everything -- I want to participate and they"re letting me, therefore it"s quite cool.
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