The actor, songwriter and also composer additionally hosted a effective talk display in his native Canada yet proved to it is in no match going up versus Johnny Carson in so late night.

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Alan Thicke, who played the head of the Seaver family on the renowned ABCsitcom Growing Pains,has died, his publicist shown to The Hollywood Reporter. He to be 69.

The genial gibbs reportedly had actually a heart attack while playing hockey with one ofhis sons. He was transported to a Los Angeles area hospital on Tuesday afternoon and pronounced dead.

Thicke recently appeared on the Netflix sequelFuller House.

Growing Pains aired on alphabet for 7 seasons, from September 1985 to April 1992. Thicke played Jason Seaver, a psychiatrist who works from home. Joanna Kerns illustrated his wife and Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold, Jeremy Miller and also Ashley Johnson were their kids. In the critical season, Leonardo DiCaprio showed up as a homeless teen who moves in v the family. The series reached together high as No. 5 in the ratings.

After hosting a effective daytime talk present in Canada, the Ontario aboriginal launched the syndicated Thicke of the Nightin September 1983 for an American audience. However, the show —produced by famed network programmer Fred Silverman — verified to it is in no match for The Tonight present Starring Johnny Carson and also lasted just nine months.

Thicke also was a songwriter that composed the design template songs to such sitcoms as Hello, Larry; Diff’rent Strokes; and also The facts of Life, and he wrote for TV comedies consisting of The Paul Lynde Show, Fernwood 2 Night, America 2-Night and The Richard Pryor Show.


In a 2010 interview, Thicke was asked come reflect ~ above Growing Pains.

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“Loved it. Proud the it. Proud the what the stood for,” he said. “I share the corny household values espoused on the show. Happy for the role, both, together I said, what that stood for and what the did for me and my life and also my family and also my career. Therefore if that’s what go on mine tombstone, I’m perfectly comfortable with it.

“It was a good opportunity that made mine life an excellent and something that i can present to mine 12-year-old currently in reruns. Corny and also dated as it is, it’s quiet relatable, understandable, and he deserve to look in ~ it and also say, ‘Yeah, I get it. Currently I see what girlfriend did prior to I was born.’ “

Survivors encompass his wife Tanya and sons Brennan, Carter and Robin, singer of “Blurred Lines.”