Pretty small Liars: 10 Worst things Alison ever Did Alison had some optimistic character breakthrough throughout Pretty tiny Liars, but was that enough? right here are the 10 worst things that Ali ever before did.

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Alison hasn"t exactly always been everyone"s favorite character in Pretty tiny Liars. She had a rocky start considering her favorite tasks included blackmailing and judging pretty lot every person in her life. ~ Alison go missing, she friends were left to fight super-villain, "A", who wanted revenge for the things that Ali had actually done. In fact, the Liars would have actually probably had a lot less dramatic high school experience had actually Alison not entangled castle in her evil schemes.

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Alison definitely had some hopeful character development throughout the series, however was it enough? below are the 10 worst things that Ali ever did.

Alison to be blatantly crude to practically everyone prior to she disappeared, but she was exceptionally evil to Mona. Alison went the end of her way to make Mona feel bad about herself and also she even gave she the nickname "Loser Mona." Ali was relentless and Mona was plainly affected by it, considering she came to be one of the show"s greatest villains just to gain revenge.

Mona even had a lair specialized to exactly how much she hated Ali. It"s very feasible that if Alison hadn"t treated she so badly climate Mona would have actually never created the A-Team, to start with.

indigenous the beginning of the series, it to be clear the Emily had feelings because that Ali. Ali absolutely exploited this by knowingly leading Emily on and then cruelly turning her down. For instance, in one of Emily"s flashbacks, we see Alison rejecting Emily in the locker room ~ they shared a minute in the library.

This was specifically hurtful to Emily considering exactly how sensitive the a subject matter it to be for she at the time. This is why it"s for this reason confusing as soon as Ali and Emily gain together later on. How can Emily still desire to be with someone who formerly hurt she so badly?

It"s a well-known reality by now that Alison was a bully in high school. Various other than Mona, Ali was particularly awful come both Paige and also Lucas. Alison called Paige "Pig-Skin" and Lucas "Hermie". Beside from these horrific nicknames, Ali, that course, went the end of her means to do them feel favor outcasts. This therapy from her definitely drove lock both come the edge.

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Later, Lucas and also Paige are befriended through the Liars who apologize for Ali"s actions, and while naught can make up for just how evil she to be to them, it to be nice to check out this for Lucas and Paige.

7 Shames Hanna for Eating

To it is in honest, Ali was simply never that great of a girlfriend to anyone. She was especially awful come Hanna on numerous occasions. Ali would often shame Hanna because that eating and then phone call her the she"s just looking out for her. Whenever Ali discussed Hanna"s eat habits, it was definitely never out of love.

Ali was always aggressive about it and also didn"t psychic humiliating Hanna by call her the end in prior of others. Hanna"s self-esteem definitely took a big hit from this and it wasn"t till Ali to be gone the she was able to uncover her confidence.

This is more than likely one of the worst things that Ali ever before does. When Ali walks in ~ above Hanna throwing far an empty pie tin, she speak Hanna that she doesn"t have to feel this method and she can help her eliminate it. Ali to be a large reason why Hanna struggled with Bulimia.

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Not just did Ali encourage this scary behavior, yet she basically introduced it to Hanna. What"s also worse, is after ~ Ali disappeared, "A" then supplied Hanna"s past issues versus her and drug up several of Hanna"s an unfavorable memories about herself, Ali and food.

5 Blackmails Spencer

Ali loved to blackmail her friends and also family. Early in the series, fans see Ali threatening to tell Melissa around Spencer"s kiss v Ian if Spencer doesn"t come clean herself. Ali asserted that she was only doing this to assist Spencer carry out the best thing, yet it was clear the she just want control.

Alison was a large fan the secrets, not since they kept her and her girlfriend close, but because they do her feeling powerful. Alison was i heard with controlling her friends" lives and also she did whatever she might to stay in the driver"s seat.

Unfortunately, once Aria captured her dad cheating on her mom, she was through Alison, who was certainly the worst human being she can have had by her side throughout this disastrous moment. Ali eventually encouraged Aria to break into her dad"s office to find proof that he was dating one of his university students.

Of course, Alison conveniently uncovered some earrings and also convinced Aria the they have to belong come the college student. Ali can see that Aria was spiraling and took advantage of the by encouraging she to ruin the office. Alison even started the destruction herself by putting coffee all over Byron"s desk.

3 Blinds Jenna

In another obvious initiative for Ali to present how powerful she is, Ali pretends the she sees Toby spying on her and her friends v her bedroom window. Ali convinces she friends to get earlier at that by throwing a "stink bomb" into his garage. However, it in reality ends up gift a firecracker and also it explodes in the garage wherein Jenna was, ultimately blinding her.

Not just did Ali usually bomb Toby"s garage because that no reason, however Ali likewise had to have actually known that this wasn"t a stink bomb and also that she was actually doing something incredibly dangerous.

This is the stink-bomb-in-the-garage aftermath. Alison blackmails Toby and also forces him to tell the police that it was in reality him to lit the firecracker. She speak Toby that if he doesn"t take the autumn that she"ll reveal his mystery relationship through Jenna.

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Of course, bad Toby i agreeed to every one of this. Although, that was probably glad to be sent out away because it supposed being away from Jenna, that was forcing the connection on him. Alison didn"t know every one of this in ~ the time, but she uncovered out after that in the series and then offered it versus Jenna - no surprised there.

1 Disappears native Rosewood

out of all of the poor things that Alison has done, this one is definitely the many dramatic. It every started throughout that fateful night depicted in the pilot episode of the series. The girls wake up up to find Ali missing and that was the critical they witnessed of her for rather some time.

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After years of dice to know the truth, pan eventually found out the occasions of the night: Alison was hit in the head v a rock by Charlotte, hidden alive by her mother, pulled out of the dust by Mrs. Grunwald and then taken to The shed Woods will by Mona. Alison was convinced that "A" to be trying to kill her for this reason she ran away for years and lets anyone think the she passed away -- consisting of her family and also best friends.

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