The legendary heiress and fashion icon struggled with a daunting family life from the moment she was a child.



Gloria Vanderbilt was taken into consideration the critical daughter that the America"s Gilded Age. The heir come the Vanderbilt railroad fortune, she spent many of her life in the general public eye, periodically to her chagrin. Nevertheless, Vanderbilt"s life, in so many ways, revolved around her family; indigenous the inheritance and also custody battles the dogged her childhood, to she tabloid-crowning marriages, to the tragedies and triumphs that complied with her into motherhood.

With she passing at age 95 in 2019, Vanderbilt left behind a heritage of family, with every one of its ups and downs. Here"s every little thing you have to know around the males who filled she life together both a wife and also a mother.

Her Children

Anderson Cooper


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The youngest that Vanderbilt"s sons, and also the finest known, Anderson Cooper was born in 1967 come Vanderbilt and Wyatt Emory Cooper. As a young guy he attend Dalton college in new York City and also later studied political scientific research at Yale University. He briefly interned in ~ the CIA, later on joking that "It was much less James Bond 보다 I hope it would be."

Anderson was still in college when his older brothers Carter committed suicide, which, an unified with the tragedy of his father"s death during heart surgery ten year earlier, aided inspire Anderson to go after journalism. "I came to be interested in questions of survival: why some world survive and also others don"t," he when said.

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Though he started his career as a fact-checker because that Channel One News, Anderson"s drive quickly earned him the desire spot the chief international correspondent because that the channel following his self-produced coverage of the political chaos in Burma. From 1994 come 2000 he served as a reporter for alphabet on several of that is news program including human being News Tonight before taking a break from journalism to serve as organize for the reality display The Mole.


Following the September 11th assaults in 2001, Anderson went back to the people of reporting because that CNN and also in 2003, he earned his own display on the network, Anderson Cooper 360. When Anderson proceeds to anchor his show for CNN, he also serves together a contributor on CBS"s 60 Minutes and also briefly held a short-lived talk show, referred to as Anderson Live. For his initiatives he has won five Emmy Awards as well as a Peabody Award because that his coverage that Hurricane Katrina.

In 2012, Anderson come out publicly (though he had actually been the end in private due to the fact that he to be a teen) ending up being the very first openly happy prime time news anchor in American history.

Throughout she life, Anderson kept a close connection with his mother, developing the 2016 documentary about Vanderbilt and their relationship and publishing a repertoire of post The Rainbow Comes and also Goes; A Mother and Son ~ above Life, Love, and also Loss in 2017.

Following her fatality on June 17, 2019, Anderson yielded a moving eulogy because that his mommy on CNN, saying, "The last few weeks, every time i kissed her goodbye, I"d say, "I love you, mom." She would look in ~ me, and also say, "I love you, too. You recognize that." and she to be right. Ns did know that. Ns knew that from the moment I was born, and also I"ll recognize it because that the rest of my life. And, in the end, what higher gift can a mother give to her son?"

In April that 2020, Cooper came to be a father with the bear of his son Wyatt Morgan Cooper. At the time of the birth notice on Instagram, he describes that the surname Wyatt is ~ his very own father, Wyatt Emory Cooper, when his son"s center name is "a family name on mine mom"s side." that added, "I execute wish mine mom and dad and my brother, Carter, were lively to meet Wyatt, however I like to think they deserve to see him. Ns imagine them all together, arms around each other, smiling and laughing, happy to understand that their love is lively in me and in Wyatt, and also that our family members continues.

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski


Better well-known as Stan, Stokowski is Vanderbilt"s oldest child, born in 1950, throughout her marriage to conductor Leopold Stokowski. Stan largely eschews the spotlight that often tends to monitor his famed family, though he is claimed to have remained close through his mother and also occasionally showed up with her at public events.

Over the course of his life, he has actually owned several landscaping enterprise in the new York and brand-new England areas and has a wife, Emily Goldstein, and two daughters, Abra and Aurora.

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Christopher Stokowski

Christopher Stokowski is the younger that Vanderbilt"s two sons v Leopold Stokowski. Much less is known around his life because of his longterm estrangement native Vanderbilt and also her various other children, and also his basic retreat indigenous public life.

While details have actually never to be released come the public, it shows up that Christopher cut himself off from the rest of his family members in 1978 and also is claimed to have end up being a recluse, reportedly as the result of an incident regarding Vanderbilt"s therapist Christ Zois which influenced Christopher"s relationship with his fiancée April Sandmeyer.

In 1993, Vanderbilt won a $1.5 million judgement against the estate of she lawyer, cutting board Andrews, and Zois, who she stated took benefit of her and also swindled her out of money ~ attaining her strength of attorney; that is unclear whether the event with Christopher was connected in the case.

After practically 40 years of estrangement, Anderson Cooper and Vanderbilt exit a documentary around Vanderbilt"s life in 2016 title Nothing Left Unsaid which critics pointed out largely glossed over Christopher.

"I think she respects privacy and also is out of love for him," Sandmeyer told page Six at the moment of the film"s release. "She knows he doesn’t want to be in the public eye. The doesn’t want the public’s attention.”

Following the film"s debut, Anderson evidenced that he and also Christopher had reconnected and reconciled, while Anderson"s uncle bother Cooper included that Christopher and also Vanderbilt had met several times in the wake up of the film"s release.

Carter Vanderbilt Cooper

Born in 1965, Carter to be the eldest of Vanderbilt"s two sons with Wyatt Emory Cooper. His brother Anderson would certainly later explain him together a gentle boy, interested in military history and national politics though no one "suited because that the rough-and-tumble of the game." Anderson explained, "He felt things too deeply."

In 1987, he i graduated from Princeton and also began functioning on publication reviews and also editing because that the background magazine American Heritage.

On July 22, 1988, at the age of 23, Carter died by suicide after jumping native the terrace that Vanderbilt"s 14th story apartment. Vanderbilt was existing at the time and pleaded v her child to come away from the leaf of the terrace before he jumped, a reality which normally haunted she in the ensuing decades of she life.

"I believed the worst point that had ever happened to me was once I was 9," Vanderbilt claimed in the 2016 HBO documentary Nothing Left Unsaid, referring to the famously bitter fight over she custody in between her aunt, Gertrude, and Gloria"s young mother. "But the wasn"t the worst. The worst is to lose a child."

In 1997, Vanderbilt exit the publication A Mother"s Story detailing the day and the experience of losing her son. "Some world … that knew Carter will start to talk around him and also then say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ and also I say, ‘No, i love come talk around him. More, more, more.’" Vanderbilt called People in 2016. "Because that brings that alive and it brings him closer and it means that the hasn’t to be forgotten."

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