When kris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation after eight year of marriage, it sent out shock tide throughout Hollywood. The 2 actors appeared absolutely perfect for each other. However the fairy-tale romance ended when lock separated in December 2017 and also divorced in October 2018.

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for this reason why did they break up after gift married because that so long, and what has actually their partnership been like since their separation? 

Love at first sight

Chris and Anna very first met top top the collection of take it Me house Tonight in 2007. Chris’s character even proposed buzzpatterson.come Anna’s personality in the trailer.

Anna was currently a big movie star before she became Chris Pratt’s wife and was most well known for her function as Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie film franchise. 

Apparently, chris wanted to suggest to Anna the minute he met her.

“I knew I wanted to marry she pretty soon ” he claimed in one interview through PEOPLE.

“It take it awhile because that me to admit it, since it would certainly be crazy to it is in like, ‘I desire to marry you’ the first day i met her. Yet I can have!”

But there to be obstacles in the means – greatly Anna Faris’s husband at the time, Ben Indra. As soon as Anna left she husband in ~ the end of filming, she and also Chris automatically began dating.


Anna and also Chris in happier times.


They got engaged in 2008, however Anna knew that kris was walking to suggest months prior to he popped the question, recognize engagement ring on the floor of his van by accident. Chris finally asked Anna on her birthday and they gained married in 2009, in a beautiful wedding consciousness in Bali.

In august 2012, Anna offered birth to your son, Jack, and together they looked favor the very photo of a happy family. Anna also tweeted a photo of Jack and Chris along with the caption, “My main men.”


Chris Pratt v he and also Anna"s kid Jack in 2017.


"Anna and I room meant to it is in together," chris said throughout an asking Me Anything session on Reddit.

"Our relationship has made me believe in magnificent intervention and also destiny, just as much as my crazy career and also the means I fell into this life.” 

They yes, really did seem choose the perfect couple. Yet sadly, the pressures of gift Hollywood celebrities would soon put a stress, overload on their relationship. 


Anna, Chris and their boy Jack top top the Hollywood go of Fame


Rumours and gossip

After they got married in 2009, Chris soon landed his breakout function as Andy Dwyer top top Parks and Recreation, and soon showbiz was buzzing about this warm newbuzzpatterson.comer.

He received a best Supporting actor nomination because that the duty of Andy, and also was quickly starring in major Hollywood films. The real shift happened once he became a true leading guy after play Star-Lord Peter Quill in the hit Marvel movie Guardians the the Galaxy.

In might 2012, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child, and also in august Anna gave birth to your baby boy Jack. But, in 2013, Chris came to be busy with occupational on Jurassic civilization and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rumours that chris was being unfaithful began to spread, and Anna began to open up buzzpatterson.come the media about the impacts the rumours had actually on your relationship.

She said on her own podcast, Unqualified, “It do me feel exceptionally insecure. Chris and also I, we talk around this a lot. Us grapple through a most the concepts of being a publicly couple”.


Anna and Chris before they split


Separation and divorce

When the pair announced your separation on respectable 7th, 2017, castle both post this declare on their social media: 

“Anna and also I are sad to announce we room legally separating. We tried difficult for a lengthy time, and also we’re yes, really disappointed. Ours son has actually two parents that love him very much and for his services we desire to store this case as personal as possible moving forward. Us still have actually love because that each other, will constantly cherish ours time together and also continue to have actually the deepest respect for one another."

In a 2021 episode of she podcast, Anna reflected on her connection with Chris and admitted that she never buzzpatterson.common her difficulties with her ex through her inside circle - and also neither did he.

"After every breakup, in ~ some suggest I realise there space a lot of things ns ignored that i really shouldn"t have," she called guest Rachel Blison.


Anna has actually been open around co-parenting.


Chris and Katherine

Despite the breakup, Chris and also Anna have effectively remained on an excellent terms. Once Chris and Katherine announced their marriage on society media, Anna virtually immediately sent out her congratulations top top Instagram, buzzpatterson.commenting on both Chris’s and also Katherine’s posts. 

Anna told Today that kris even referred to as her to tell her the he to be going to suggest to Katherine. Even after your separation, Anna had actually nothing but an excellent things buzzpatterson.come say about her ex, and also said that neither of castle held any type of grudges.

Anna claimed on her podcast, “Sweet Chris, my ex, got involved to Katherine today, and I’m therefore happy because that them. I knew the it was gonna happen, and I love her and also I love him. I’m simply so happy the they found each other.”


Chris with Katherine in ~ a Guardians the the Galaxy premiere.


Separate lives

Despite the breakup, Chris and Anna have actually tried to stay amicable for their son, and agreed in their divorce negotiation to live within 5 miles of each various other for the sake of their kid Jack, buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.com was age six at the time.

People were still hoping the the pair would get ago together, and Chris and Anna to be spotted top top a walk together a year after their separation.

But simply three months after your divorce finalised, Chris started dating Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chris and Katherine got involved pretty conveniently after a whirlwind romance and ended up getting married on June 8, 2019, at Montecito, California.

Anna has also since re-married to filmmaker Michael Barrett. The pair eloped previously this year, holding their ceremony in a courthouse in Washington State.

"We"re both introverts in a very similar way," she stated of Michael on her podcast.

"And he has actually two children and that has been awesome. I"ve yes, really learned a lot around myself through his kids. It"s been really rewarding."


The photo that split fans on Instagram.


However, the general public is often protective of Anna once it buzzpatterson.comes to the subject of their divorce. In a recent Instagram post featuring himself and also Katherine, Chris buzzpatterson.composed "She"s offered me an impressive life, a gorgeous healthy daughter, she chews therefore loudly that sometimes I placed in mine earbuds to drown the out, yet that"s love!"

Fans were split over the reality that Jack had actually been watch omitted from the post, and had qualms the he had referred to his and also Katherine"s daughter, Lyla Marie, as "healthy" given that Jack was born premature.

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However, provided the solid nature the Anna and also Chris"s relationship, we doubt there"ll be any bad blood in between the two.