Anna Nicole smith (born Vickie Lynn Hogan in November 28, 1967) is indeed an iconic social figure who enchanted America. In 1992, she very first appeared in Playboy magazine — and also made a surname for herself together a modern Monroe, ending up being a model-slash-tv star-slash-sex symbol.

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In the article “How Anna Nicole Smith came to be America’s Punchline,” a Buzzfeed writer reported, “From 1992, when she do her very first appearance in Playboy, come her death Feb. 8, 2007, Anna Nicole Smith populated the story that the beautiful girl lifted up from the dust, and then the story of the beautiful mrs destroyed, and also sometimes both.”

Anna Nicole Smith’s facility and disastrous story has been one the public has actually mythologized, analyzed, and also obsessed over because that a while. Among the points Smith was known for? She married an 89-year-old, a Texas-based oil mogul named J. Howard Marshall. She was 26, and of course, this made all sorts that headlines. But, she likewise battled addiction and also lost one of her children.

“Even as soon as her mankind — and her weak — to be visible for all to see, and the tough realities around which she had constructed this fantasy version of herself came to be extraordinarily painful, us remained identified to view her as unstoppably seductive, manipulative, glamorous, and unforgivably bigger than life,” Buzzfeed detailed in the very same article.

So, we’re still here, fascinated by Anna Nicole Smith’s story — and today we’re digging into her eating and also dietary habits. What sort of food blog would we be if us didn’t?

Although us don’t condone world judging a person’s weight, Anna Nicole Smith’s dimension was always under inspection.

She loved food, come from a food-loving state, and also definitely feel the press of the 1990s’ slim craze.

She go on and endorsed diet supplements together a way of losing weight, which to be a battle for her, according to Yahoo.

In 1992, she arised onto the scene together a sex symbol beloved by America. She later gained weight due to the fatality of her 2nd husband and people weren’t so nice.

“I’ve been yes, really stressed out lately and depressed and also I can not quit eating. I feel favor a pig,” Smith wrote in an entry date Aug. 16, 1992.

According to the irish Examiner, Anna Nicole admitted she take it painkillers after she husband’s death and went right into a coma.”

“I virtually died. I had actually to learn just how to to walk again and also all this and that. It was hard and if you have to get in rehab, that is no fun,” she said.

Smith claimed she felt take it down and also was said she was nothing throughout treatment.

“They speak you’re crap. Lock say ingredient like: ‘You’re no better than anybody else.’ It’s simply horrible,” she explained.

People shouldn’t have become obsessed with her weight, yet they were.

After all, it was the 1990s — a time that wasn’t exactly body-positive. From there, her load went up and also down.

In Smith’s diaries, we check out that she turned come food together a comfort tool.

Even though us don’t think her diaries should have made windy (or her privacy violated), we now understand that she binge-ate once she was emotion emotionally overwhelmed. 

By 2004, it to be revealed that Anna had started utilizing TrimSpa to lose that weight.

Anna Nicole blacksmith stepped the end at Fashion week in brand-new York through a slimmer frame, and also told everyone that she’d been using TrimaSpa — come lose around 69 pounds!

TrimSpa to be a dietary complement designed to assistance weight loss. It contained ephedra, which was an alleged to decrease the appetite. Human being doubted that claims.

TrimSpa came onto the scene approximately 2001.

According to CNN Money, blacksmith was greatly responsible for plenty of millions of your sales — i beg your pardon dwindled over time, particularly after she passing.

Ephedra was later on banned in 2008.

It was claimed that in ~ one point, blacksmith took 6 TrimSpa pills every day — the max dosage for a single person.

Sadly, she likewise took laxatives and dieted an extremely heavily. These habits weren’t healthy and balanced for her, and they absolutely aren’t healthy and balanced for anyone else either.

In an interview through Entertainment Tonight, Smith discussed her diet strategies.

In the interview, she said, “You eat, like, little portions and you carry out it for, like, 2 weeks, and additionally they have a colon cleanser and also you’re just, like, on the pot every the time… You shed that load quickly.”

She additionally told the Early Show in one interview the her appetite has almost gone away due to the supplements.

Anna Nicole blacksmith told The Early present co-anchor Rene Syler, “It’s really hard to eat, because, because that me, it’s choose I’ve shed my appetite. Therefore I have to really, really push myself come eat.”

It appeared that the incentive behind her load loss was to stop people from commenting on her body — which seriously sucks.

She called The early Show, “I wasn’t unhappy at all until simply everybody just started ridiculing me so bad. I just gained to the allude that the was just like, ‘My God, you know. Just shut up, everybody. What is the large deal?’ and then I just looked in the mirror. I’m like, ‘I am fat!"”

Let’s just take a moment to remember that shaming civilization for their dimension is unacceptable.

These days, we’re happy to see more body diversity in campaigns and throughout the media — and we expect it continues.

We wish that she didn’t feel the require to change herself due to the fact that of the public’s commentary.

Smith’s words room painful come hear however they’re a reminder that body-shaming is detrimental and unfair.

She even won a “Big Makeover” award in 2004. (Which is a gross ide for one award).

It’s nice gross that people gave praise to others for shedding weight — as if gift a specific body dimension is the only means someone can actually it is in valuable. We wonder what Smith would certainly think that the body positive motion today.

Back in the 90s and also early 2000s, world were extra “thin crazy.”

According to a salon piece, Susan Orlean, one author and also journalist (who operated with The brand-new Yorker) wrote, “The ’90s were more thin-crazy than the current time.” In fact, civilization were huge on fast-fix diets and also dangerous ways of slimming down.

In fact, the 90s were all around weird diets.

Like the blood kind diet, which offered you eating recommendations based turn off of your blood type. There were also liquid diets and also dangerous diet suppressant pills. It’s no wonder Anna acquired roped into these diet moves!

But beyond her utilizing TrimSpa, Anna was something the a foodie.

According to the Dallas Observer, she loved food (who doesn’t?). In fact, reports said — and also we can’t verify this at every — that she spent around $4,000 per month on food. We’re thinking this is a probably tabloid exaggeration.

She craved foods items that “Elvis would have liked” — aka the unhealthy stuff.


The Dallas Observer claimed that she favorite foodstuffs were those Elvis would have loved: Mashed potatoes and also gravy, pizza (not the crust), fried bologna and also cheese, biscuits, burgers, and also pickles.

We can’t speak that we don’t love every one of these ourselves!

(By the way, Elvis was large on lull foods, also — which is whereby the comparison come from).

In fact, it’s popular that Elvis’ favourite sandwich to be made indigenous white bread, peanut butter, bananas and crap-tons that butter. Yes, you check out that correctly.

Like, you know, massive bacon sandwiches.

Yep. He additionally downed sandwiches make with whole freaking lb of bacon. Hey, anything for rock n’ role royalty, right?

But quiet — ago to Anna’s love for food. Among her chefs (and former lover Alexander Denk) told The day-to-day Mail the she love hearty foods.

He said, “She is a Texas girl and she looked prefer she’d reap hearty, home-cooked meals. I cooked to apologize strudel, Austrian food.”

Sounds pretty delicious, right?

And she additionally loved herself some Godiva chocolates.

Fried chicken and also chocolate? Yes, please. In fact, that was said that she demanded this chocolates during her shoots through Guess.

But Denk likewise said that he teach her just how to eat nutritiously, too.

“As she chef, ns taught her how to do nutritional food and as she trainer, we cleared up together,” he told The everyday Mail.

But before the fame — blacksmith actually offered to job-related as a chicken slinger at Krispy Fried Chicken.

Yep, this was way back before she gained famous. She worked as a chicken slinger in Mexia, Texas, according to Reelz. She job? offer up scrumptious fried chicken.

What brought about the job?

Smith in reality dropped the end of high institution at the age of 15. She next relocate was to work-related at the fast-food restaurant to knife a living.

It was at the restaurant that she met her first husband, Billy Wayne Smith who was the chef there.

But that was later on in life at one more chain restaurant the her life really started to change. She was functioning at Red Lobster once Guess founder Paul Marciano found her.

She was in San Antonia, waitressing at the establishment when Paul Marciano popped in. The came up to her and also said, “Who are you?” She told him she’d never ever taken images or modeled before, according to People Magazine.

So that whisked her out of Texas, took she to new York, and also had she signed come an agency.

In her diary, obtained by People, she describes buying $3,000 worth of clothing at Neiman Marcus and admits come starving herself.

So, yes, big things certain do take place at Red Lobster! It’s almost unimaginable to think of how much Smith come — and where she go in life.


Her ex-lover Larry Birkhead stated her increase to fame was pretty wild.

Larry Birkhead, her ex-boyfriend and also the dad of she daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, said, “Here she is, a little girl from Texas, go from working in a chicken shack to making movies with huge stars in Hollywood.”

After functioning at Red Lobster and also a chicken shack, it’s no surprised that Smith love food. Go you recognize she likewise took part in eat contests?

When her truth TV display — The Anna Nicole Smith display — hit the airwaves, she chowed under on pizzas and also pasta in an Italian restaurant.

The Anna Nicole Smith display was on air for three seasons.

According to Ranker, audiences can not get sufficient of the star ~ watching she E! True Hollywood Story in 1997, which is the cable network’s highest-rated shows ever.

It debuted in 2002 on E! and starred Anna Nicole Smith, along with a band of characters.

It was a truth TV present that countless described as contrived (as is many of fact TV).

The present focused on she life after the height of she fame.

It describe issues about her health, previous modeling career, and also financial struggles. It to be quirky and funny, however it additionally highlighted Anna’s darker days.

In fact, many people thought the the TV network took advantage of Smith throughout the filming.

In order to absent up TV ratings, many human being thought E! purposefully portrayed her in a an unfavorable light. And also while us wish this wasn’t the case, fact TV — as we now know — isn’t totally real.

Ken Tucker of to chat Weekly said, “The thing is, that no joke. In a barely coherent Anna Nicole Smith, E! is doing something the comes pretty close to being .”

Tucker, in his testimonial of the premiere episode, also called the collection “a person train wreck.”

While the majority of writers referred to as the series exploitative, Rolling stone credits it because that redefining television.

“Smith’s true tradition lies in the reality that she was among the first reality television powerhouses. Through her truth sitcom The Anna Nicole smith Show, which featured she going to the dentist and also participating in eat contests, she turn D-list celebrity status into A-list television,” the outlet stated.

It seems like her suffer on truth TV made her mental health and wellness suffer.

In 2004, she introduced Kanye West in ~ the American Music Awards in a questionable state.

Through slurred words, she started by asking, “Do you like my body?” while poignant her chest.

Smith’s ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead, said Wendy Williams, “Anna had actually a lot of health worries due to her breast enhancement surgery… she had ago pain a lot, she had chronic pain, she had actually seizures. The night before she two seizures, and I make the efforts to acquire her not to do that display – begged her – but she claimed no.”

Los Angeles clinical psychologist, Trevor Small, talked around how stars struggle in the spotlight in one interview v E! v the following explanation:

“These people often have serious challenges going right into these shows, which is why they to be probably cast in the an initial place, and sometimes having their difficulties shared for this reason publicly doesn’t help matters. It is exciting for us to watch their struggle.”

It could likewise explained why she started making some bad decisions.

She was drinking greatly in the days prior to her death.

According come the Seattle Times, workers at the hotel and casino in i beg your pardon she died have said she was on a “booze-fueled frenzy.”

The outlet reported, “A bartender named Mike said Smith to be tossing back twin shots. “It looked prefer she to be really, really drunk. She to be slurring she speech. She looked plastered.”

The reports are gravely concerning, and also make united state wish someone had spoke up.

Sadly, Anna Nicole Smith passed away on February 8 2007 at 2:49 p.m.

According to Today, she very sadly passed away of an accidental overdose. She had plenty of different drugs in she system.

She died at the Hard rock Hotel and also Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Her funeral arisen in March. 

Her death was reputed an inadvertently overdose.

Her death was claimed to be resulted in by an accidental overdose on at least nine prescription drugs. She’d bring away sleep syrup with various other drugs in her system. That was likewise clear that she lacked appropriate health care.

She was likewise super sick in ~ the time however didn’t walk to the hospital.

She also had a an extremely high fever and an infection from many Human growth Hormone injections (used for weight loss) in her buttocks, follow to People. The truth is, she necessary to have gone come the hospital.

Weirdly enough, some of the medicine in her device were likewise found in Marilyn Monroe’s system years before.

Anna Nicole smith was always compared come Monroe, therefore it’s ironic the a sedative well-known as chloral hydrate was uncovered in both their system at the moment of your deaths.

In the year before her death, she’d both had actually a baby and lost she son.

On June 1, 2006, she gave birth come a baby girl. Simply a couple of months later, Smith’s 20-year-old son, Daniel Wayne Smith, passed away on September 10 — also of an inadvertently overdose.

He actually passed away while he was at his mother’s hospital room visiting she after she offered birth.

He’d passed away due come both antidepressant and painkiller use.

Smith to be absolutely devastated, of course. Come make points even more complicated, she’d had a brand new baby on she hands.

Anna Nicole Smith’s brief life was significant by both glamour and tragedy. She to be a sex symbol and also a cultural icon.

In the end, we look ago at the young girl who was uncovered at a Red Lobster, that loved lull foods and who made wild and weird decision while under the watchful eye of the American public.

Today, she daughter Dannielynn is in 7th grade.

We think Anna would certainly be at sight proud of she daughter.

Oh, and also Dannielyn additionally models, as with her mom!

When Dannielynn to be six, she did she own youngsters Guess campaign — in the footsteps of she mother. Follow to E! News, “Dannielynn has always looked up to her mom’s photo and…I think that this is kind of Dannielynn’s way of paying tribute come her mother in her own special way.”

“Larry continually talks around Dannielynn’s mom,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“When Anna passed, Larry vowed come everyone the he would do that and also he’s succeeded. Larry is yes, really private as soon as it involves Dannielynn, however he reminds her constantly around her mom and tells her everyday how much she looks similar to her. She is a spitting photo of her mother and Larry loves that,” the same resource revealed.

While that keeps a pretty active Instagram account, Birkhead likes his daughter having actually a quiet life, far from Hollywood.

The factor for the annyal father-daughter trip right into the spotlight every year, at Kentucky Derby has actually a unique reason.

It is the same party in ~ which Birkhead met Smith year ago.

During a 20/20 interview in 2017, he said his daughter appreciated Girl Scouts, Snapchat, eat French fries and taking treatment of she pet lizard.

In possibly the most heartbreaking story, Birkhead said ET, “She’s clingy to her girlfriends’ moms and also she’ll say things like, ‘Do you want to take on me? would you it is in my honorary mother?’ She tends to do that a lot.”

Being a solitary parent have the right to be insanely hard, but Larry appears to being doing a great job.

To memory his daughter heading right into eighth grade, he surprised her v tickets to Hamilton.

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Unfortunately because that fans, that revealed his daughter doesn’t seem to desire to follow her mom’s on-screen ambitions or modeling career.