ANTHONY Bourdain was uncovered dead in a hotel room in Paris, shocking his legion the fans approximately the world.

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The united state chef and author was found by a close girlfriend on the morning that June 8, 2018, in France. Here's what we know around the much-loved chef...

Anthony Bourdain discussing documentary Jeremiah Tower in 2017Credit: Getty - Contributor

What to be Anthony Bourdain's cause of death?

Anthony Bourdain was uncovered dead adhering to a suspected suicide.

The famous US tv personality - who had worked for CNN due to the fact that 2013 - passed away in an apparent suicide in a hotel room in Strasbourg, France.

Bourdain's nearby friend and fellow cook Eric Ripert uncovered him unresponsive in his room.

He was working on an illustration for his CNN display Parts Unknown.

A French prosecutor claimed the work after Bourdain was found there to be no proof of foul beat in his death.

Christian de Rocquigny added there walk not appear to be much planning in the tv personality's suicide.

He said: "There is no element that renders us doubt that who came into the room at any moment."


Anthony with friend Eric Ripert, who discovered him unresponsive ~ above June 8, 2018Credit: Getty photos - Getty

How old to be the components Unknown chef?

Bourdain to be 61 and preparing come celebrate his birthday on June 25, 2018.

CNN payment tribute come his "remarkable stories" in a statement i beg your pardon read: "It is v extraordinary sadness we can confirm the fatality of our friend and colleague, Anthony Bourdain.

"His love of good adventure, brand-new friends, well food and also drink and also the exceptional stories of the civilization made that a distinct storyteller.

"His talents never ceased to amaze us and also we will miss him really much. Ours thoughts and also prayers are with his daughter and also family in ~ this incredibly an overwhelming time."




Despite his millions, Bourdain once common a £4.40 meal v Barack Obama.

Bourdain, hold of the Emmy to win travel and also food show Parts Unknown shot come fame in 2000.

His book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the cooking Underbelly revealed an expose of the haute cooking world.

In the lead up to his death, Bourdain was keen come shake turn off his "bad boy" image, which he acquired for his usage of sexual recommendations in fight TV present No Reservations.

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Enjoying functioning on parts Unknown, the chief extraordinaire said the Globe and Mail in April 2018: "I'm not a chef. I'm no bad. And also I'm not a boy."

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