Each year an unexpected star emerges from Hard Knocks, and also this season that Antonio Brown’s feet — which are a fear show. The present never really outlined what exactly was wrong through Brown’s feet outside of him suffering “an injury,” however now we know.

Brace yourself, due to the fact that you’re about to view them and I’m no going to it is in responsible for what happens as soon as you do.


“My feet is quite much getting circumcised,” he said. Ok then!

Some rapid observations around Brown’s feet.

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Brown’s huge toes look prefer Goombas from Super Mario Bros.It’s like he’s attract a skin suit, and also the feet tore.If the floor is lava climate these feet room baklava.

I’m needing come tell jokes come cope with this. Offer me this, OK?

Seriously, what is happening here?

Brown reported to training camp v the Raiders and team doctors uncovered he was experiencing from severe frostbite ~ above his feet. Over time this has resulted in the skin sloughing off his feet in sheets, as seen above — and also that has actually led to him gift able come participate an extremely minimally in cultivate camp thus far.

There’s no firm schedule on when Brown have the right to return come the field, as he’s been described a foot specialist to act the injury.

How did Brown get frostbite on his feet?

Many athletes are currently opting for totality Body Cryotherapy (WBC) together a method to one of two people supplement traditional ice baths, or change them entirely. This requires standing in a sealed room and also being exposed to incredibly cold, dry air for a period of 2-3 minutes. Temperatures space normally listed below -100 degrees, with liquid nitrogen and refrigerated air being offered to blast the person receiving treatment.

The efficacy the this therapy is fairly unknown. If WBC has actually been roughly since the 1970s in Japan, its rise to prominence to law athletes has really only started in the critical 5-10 years. The id is that WBC operates likewise to ice cream baths or ice-pack therapy, yet at a much an ext pronounced level — dealing with minor injuries prefer muscle sprains and also skin lesions quickly.

However, over there are noticeable risks associated too. Naturally the body isn’t supposed to sustain these type of temperatures, for this reason precautions are typically taken to avoid any type of lasting damage. This contains the subject wearing a headband to cover the ears, a mask to avoid straight breathing in the cold air, and special dried socks or shoes, design to carry out a layer in between the body and also the ground.

It’s here where Brown walk wrong:

Cryotherapy in France, apparently. (French civilization are as well chill, no pun intended. If you know me, you recognize I love France yet I wouldn"t acquire that excellent there.)

— Michele Steele (

According come a report from pro Football Talk, Brown gone into the cryochamber without appropriate footwear.

Brown go into an ext graphic detail around his “cold therapy” during the 2nd episode the Hard Knocks.

“I got out, and I felt my foot burning,” Brown recounted to the cameras. “The next, like, 24 hrs it swelled up. It acquired really big. Ns couldn’t yes, really walk or put pressure. The doctor came over, drained a little out. Scalpel the following day. Freakin’ scissors the next day. Simply kind of let it leak all out. As whatever leaked every out, ns was maybe to placed a small pressure.”

This led to the frostbite, i m sorry is now a serious worry for the Raiders together the regular season draws near.

What is the schedule for his recovery?

This is the tricky part. That unclear when exactly Brown experienced the frostbite, however judging native the picture on his Instagram this is much more serious that stage 1 frosting (sometimes referred to as “frostnip”). In cases of phase 1 frostbite the skin commonly takes on a red hue, often peeling similarly to a sunburn. This can last a couple of days, up to numerous weeks until complete sensation return to the impacted area.

What renders frostbite diagnosis tricky is that no two situations are identical. However, the photo tends to support the idea the Brown has Stage 2 frostbite, i beg your pardon is defined with one of two people blistering, or hardened skin — which cracks and also peels off. The real risk below is that Brown has done damage to the blood ship in his feet, which, follow to the Summit clinical Group, have the right to take up to six weeks to it is in revealed.

Brown has actually participated in just one practice out that 11 this summer, but Michael Gehlken the the Las vegas Review-Journal reported that the Raiders claimed the injury is largely a “non-issue” for them.

Vik Tafur that The Athletic claimed that Brown had laser treatment performed top top his feet, according to agent drew Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus wouldn’t walk into detail on just how Brown’s feet ended up being burned, citing the there might be legal activity stemming native the incident.

Feet aside, there’s another issue walk on ...

OK, therefore what is going on v Brown’s helmet?

While many assumed Brown to be away indigenous the team as result of his foot injury, that wasn’t totally accurate:

Also FWIW: Antonio Brown’s recent lack from Raiders’ camp has much more to execute with his helmet grievance 보다 this blistered feet, per organization sources.

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— Adam Schefter (

According come Schefter, Brown filed a grievance against the NFL because the helmet the he’s worn his whole career is no longer allowed. Brown wants to proceed wearing his preferred helmet, i m sorry is not certified by the nationwide Operating Committee for Standards and also Athletic Equipment due to the fact that it’s more than 10 years old.

Here’s a sampling that a 20-tweet thread from NFL Network’s Mike Silver:

6) The pushback began in May, when the recipient was informed by the Raiders that the NFL had officially removed the one-year grace period for specific helmet models, consisting of the one worn by Brown, which had fallen quick in laboratory trial and error for head-impact severity...

— Michael silver (

However, Brown’s appeal to be denied, leaving him through the following options: take it his case to commonwealth court, wear an NFL-approved helmet, or no play.

Despite reports the Brown would certainly retire if the didn’t get to stay his helmet, the Raiders have actually remained supportive and also Brown promised that return: