Ascent from the Moon

Armstrong and Aldrin stayed on Moon for just much more 21 hours-two-and-a-half hours of which were spent exterior the Lunar Module exploring and conducting clinical experiments. At 1:53 pm on July 21 the astronauts lifted turn off from the Moon in the module"s climb stage and also then rendezvoused through Collins and the orbiting spacecraft. The 3 explorers fired away from lunar orbit on July 22 and returned to planet on July 24.

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Ascent Stage

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module ascent stage, with Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and also Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. Aboard, is photographed indigenous the Command and Service Modules (CSM) during rendezvous in lunar orbit.

The Lunar Module (LM) to be making that is docking approach to the CSM. Astronaut Michael Collins continued to be with the CSM in lunar orbit if the various other two crewmen explored the lunar surface. ~ docking, astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin transferred to Columbia v Collins, the LM climb stage to be jettisoned, and the return trip to planet began.

Apollo 11 Lunar Module climb Stage Photographed from Command Module

The large, dark-colored area in the elevator is Smyth"s Sea, focused at 85 levels east longitude and 2 levels south latitude on the lunar surface (nearbuzzpatterson.comde). This view looks west. The earth rises above the lunar horizon.

Ascent Engine

This engine lifted the climb stage (upper section) that a Lunar Module turn off the surface of the Moon. The climb stage climate docked v the orbiting Command and also Service Modules.The ascent engine had actually to execute with high reliability; a serious failure could have stranded the astronauts top top the Moon.

The ascent engine offers 1587 kilograms (3500 pounds) the thrust. The engine burns fluid propellants: the fuel is 50% hydrazine and also 50% unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine; the oxidizer is nitrogen tetroxide. These propellants are hypergolic; the is, castle ignite spontaneously when lugged together in the rocket"s combustion chamber.

Apollo Lunar Module climb Engine

After the journey earlier from the Moon, the Apollo 11 command module sheds flaming piece of its security ablative extending as the hurtles v the planet atmosphere toward splash down, July 24, 1969. Back the photograph gives the impresbuzzpatterson.comon that fiery devastation of the spacecraft, the ablative product was performing together it to be debuzzpatterson.comgned to. By vaporizing and burning away, it safeguarded the internal of the spacecraft native the searing warmth caused through friction v the atmosphere.

Apollo 11 Reentry

After Splashdown

21-Day Quarantine

The astronauts were required to stay inbuzzpatterson.comde the facility in clinical isolation because that 21 days. This extraordinary procedures were a precaution against an uncertain danger of contagion. The moon proved to it is in barren the life so this post-flight procedure to be dropped after ~ the Apollo 14 misbuzzpatterson.comon.

The organic Isolation GarmentThis garment to be debuzzpatterson.comgned to protect against the spread of any alien organisms the astronauts can have acquired during their trip or when on the Moon. The suits to be donned after ~ splashdown and worn until the astronauts came down on the cell phone Quarantine babuzzpatterson.comc aboard the recovery plane carrier. V the astronauts isolated inbuzzpatterson.comde, the facility to be flown to Ellington Air pressure Base.

Apollo Aldrin Isolation Garment

Mobile Quarantine FacilityThe Apollo 11 crew, tho under a 21-day quarantine, room greeted by their spouses after come at Ellington Air force Base. The astronauts room looking v the home window of the mobile Quarantine Facility. Left to right are Armstrong, Aldrin, and also Collins. The spouses, left come right, are Pat Collins, jan Armstrong, and also Jean Aldrin.

Apollo 11 Quarantine

Ticker-Tape ParadeReturning indigenous the an initial lunar landing misbuzzpatterson.comon, the Apollo 11 astronauts received a tumultuous welcome from brand-new Yorkers who dropped a record tonnage of document during a ticker-tape parade, a heritage which invited returning heroes.

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