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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively attended Comic-Con together. Kevin Winter / Staff/Getty photos In the summer that 2010, Lively and Reynolds were actors as the lead roles in "Green Lantern" and made their very first public appearance together at Comic-Con in san Diego.

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They weren"t dating at the moment — Lively to be still dating "Gossip Girl" co-star penn Badgley, if Reynolds to be married come Scarlett Johansson.


penn Badgley and also Blake Lively had apparently break-up long prior to they announced it. Bryan Bedder/Getty photos

Shortly after filming started, Lively and also Badgley finished their relationship. An told us Weekly they had been maintaining the news quiet because that a while, but that they to be still friends.


They were married for about two years. Kevin Mazur / Contributor/Getty pictures

Not long after, Reynolds and Johansson exit a joint statement confirming your divorce.

It read, "After long and careful consideration on both our parts, we"ve chose to end our marriage. We gotten in our partnership with love and also it"s through love and also kindness we leave it. When privacy isn"t expected, it"s definitely appreciated."


Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly separation by the finish of summer. Eugene Hoshiko/Ap/Ethan Miller/Getty

Lively and also DiCaprio supposedly spent a summer dating. The 2 were photographed together number of times, consisting of at the Cannes film Festival. Resources told E! they break-up at the end of the summer.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake vivid made your romance public. Lester Cohen / Contributor/Getty images

After month of reports, a resource confirmed to people that the co-stars were "very lot a couple" and also that they were "really happy together."

Lively was likewise spotted leaving Reynolds" apartment ~ above his birthday weekend.

Ryan Reynolds later on apologized for their choice to get married in ~ a plantation that had actually enslaved black color people. Bauer-Griffin / Contributor/Getty pictures

After month of maintaining things relatively low-key, the pair obtained married in ~ Boone room Plantation in mountain Pleasant, south Carolina, in front of their family and friends.

Although they never ever released photos, castle did disclose details ~ above Lively"s couture sphere gown by Marchesa, their giant dessert table, and the bouquets.

Years later, in an interview with quick Company, Reynolds apologized because that his and also Lively"s selection to acquire married at the plantation, which had enslaved black color people.

"It"s other we"ll constantly be deeply and unreservedly sorry for," he said. "It"s impossible to reconcile."

October 2012: Lively said in an interview that she had "never been happier."

Blake Lively likewise said she wanted kids. Brian Rasic / Contributor/Getty photos

In one interview with Allure, lively revealed how happy she was v Reynolds, saying, "Right now, I"m so peaceful. I"ve never ever been more happiness in my life."

She likewise made it clean she want kids, saying, "I"ve always wanted a big family. Oh, I"d love 30 (children) if i could."

May 2014: They do their an initial red carpet appearance together a couple at the Met Gala.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds both wore Gucci. Mike Coppola/Getty images

The couple hit the red carpet because that the very first time together as a couple, not just costars, at the Met round in 2014. Lock both wore Gucci.

August 2014: lively gushed around Reynolds to Vogue magazine

Blake Lively called Ryan Reynolds a "beautiful writer." VALERY HACHE / Staff/Getty photos

In an interview v Vogue, vivid wasn"t shy as soon as it came to expressing her love for her husband.

She said, "Everything we do in life we carry out together. If I"m functioning on a movie, he helps me with my character; I perform the exact same with him. Picking the end a coffee table. What we"re going come eat. He"s a beautiful writer — he"s created a the majority of stuff because that us. And he"s got a great barometer and also he to know me, for this reason he will tell me if it"s not as great as it have the right to be."

October 2014: lively announced she to be pregnant for the an initial time

Blake lively announced the pregnant on her website. Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff/Getty photos

Lively took to her then-new way of living website, preserve (which has because been deleted), come announce her first pregnancy. She posted a photo of herself amongst other picture of other pregnant people.

"Congratulations to all the expecting mother out there," she wrote at the time.

January 2015: Lively gave birth come their first child.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James. photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Page six reported that Lively had offered birth come the couple"s an initial child, a daughter who came a bit early. She provided birth close to their home in Bedford, brand-new York.

After a couple of months without countless details about the baby, Reynolds ultimately revealed your daughter"s name on "The this particular day Show."

He said, "It"s James. Everyone knows. Ns didn"t desire to it is in the very first guy screaming it the end to the media, since as us know, little girls turn right into teenage girl and small teenage girls sometimes scan through the archives and go, "Why did you do that?""

February 2016: Reynolds dished on how he and Lively very first got together.

apparently it to be an awkward dual date. photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

At an amFAR brand-new York Gala, Reynolds told Entertainment Weekly they were "buddies" when they an initial met.

Apparently, they go on a twin date together, other than she to be with one more man and he to be with an additional woman.

He added, "That to be the many awkward day for their perspective probably because we were similar to fireworks comes across. It was weird in ~ first, but we to be buddies for a long time. Ns think it"s the best way to have actually a connection is to start as friends."

April 2016: It to be announced the they to be expecting their 2nd child.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake vivid had another daughter. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

After a couple of weeks the rumors, us Weekly confirmed that Lively was pregnant again.

July 2016: Lively said Marie Claire the Reynolds was her finest friend.

Blake Lively claimed she favored him and loved him. Michael Stewart/Getty images

In an interview through Marie Claire, vivid gushed about her connection with Reynolds.

She said, "I knew that would constantly be my finest friend for my entirety life. That was the biggest thing come me. I"d never known anything favor the friendship that I had with him. I might like him as much as ns loved him."

October 2016: Lively and Reynolds invited their second daughter.

Ryan Reynolds and also Blake Lively with their two oldest daughters. Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty pictures

Page Six evidenced that lively had given birth to their second child at a hospital in Manhattan. Lively"s friend, musician Taylor Swift, was additionally spotted heading come the hospital come visit.

Us Weekly later confirmed that the couple had named their 2nd daughter Inez Reynolds.

November 2016: Reynolds revealed the moment he knew Lively to be the one.

It was a scene ideal out that a movie. Frazer Harrison / Staff/Getty images

In one interview v O magazine, Reynolds talked about the date when that knew he wanted to get married Lively.

He said, "We to be hanging the end at this little restaurant in Tribeca that"s open up really late, and this track came on and I was just like, "Want to dance?" No one was in there, for this reason it to be just completely empty. And it was simply one of those moments wherein halfway with the dance, it was like, "Oh, ns think I just crossed a line." and also then i walked she home."

"And, uh, girlfriend know, ns don"t really need to go into what taken place after that," that added.

March 2018: Reynolds handle breakup rumors with a joke.

Ryan Reynolds made light of it. Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

After hear reports the he and also Lively"s marriage was top top the rocks, Reynolds tweeted a joke, saying, "I wish. I can use a small "me time.""

May 2019: Lively and also Reynolds seemingly announced they are expecting their 3rd child together.

A source said the pair is ecstatic. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Lively debuted her 3rd pregnancy in might 2018, arriving to the "Detective Pikachu" premiere to assistance her husband.

Sources later told human being magazine the the celebrities room delighted come be parental of three.

"They space so happy and also excited about having an additional baby," the source told People.

October 2019: multiple publications evidenced the pair welcomed their 3rd child.

Ryan Reynolds newly seemed to check he and also Blake Lively's 3rd child to be a girl. Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

In October, many publications confirmed that the couple welcomed their third child, return no details about the baby"s name have actually been shared.

The couple has no publicly announced the birth of their 3rd child yet, but on Wednesday, Reynolds mutual a photo of himself, Lively, and a baby, who appears to it is in their 3rd child, in a carrier.

The baby"s face has to be blurred out and covered v a smiley face.

In this tweet, he additionally referenced his "daughters," which appeared to confirm that he and Lively"s 3rd child is also a girl.

Swift, that wrote the tune "Betty" for she newest album "Folklore" that functions the name of Lively and Reynold"s other two kids, James and also Inez, seemingly shown the couple"s third child"s surname is Betty.

July 2021: Reynolds shared an ext about as soon as he make the first move.

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Ryan Reynolds stated he to be "begging" Blake Lively to sleep through him. Frazer Harrison/Getty pictures

"I met Blake on the darkest wrinkle in the anus that the universe called "Green Lantern,"" Reynolds recalled ~ above the "SmartLess" podcast in July 2021, every HollywoodLife. "We were friends and also buddies and about a year and also a half later us went on a dual date, but we were through dating separate people."

He claimed he do the an initial move when they were both walk on a train to Boston.

"Next point you know, she to be going come Boston, ns was going come Boston and also I said, "Well, I"ll ride through you,"" that said. "We acquired on the train and also we rode together. I was simply begging her to sleep with me."

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