The Thai cave complex where 12 boys and their soccer coach came to be trapped is a snaking device of caverns and also crevices i beg your pardon posed a range of difficulties for rescuers.

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Some follow me of the Tham Luang cave are more than 10m (33ft) high, while others are a chop squeeze with water-filled passages.

The fatality of an experienced previous Thai navy diver, who was part of a team do the efforts to supply the boys' cave with oxygen tanks, emphasised the threats of the mission.

The team of boys and also their coach were experimenting the caves once a suddenly storm brought about the passageways come flood, trapping them inside. They had actually spent nine days in the cave with little food or light once they were found on Monday 2 July.

Image source, AFP/Royal Thai Navy

Rescuers originally wanted to keep the group supplied underground until the end of the rainy season - i beg your pardon would have actually taken months.

But through the estimate of hefty rains, and also the risk of water levels rising, an procedure was introduced on Sunday, 8 July, to lug them out.

Rescue divers v specialist breathing equipment reached the team through a collection of water-filled passages.

Sources in the rescue operation, consisting of divers that took part, told the that the guys were greatly sedated front of the rescue to protect against them panicking in the dark, tight, underwater passageways.

The guys were fitted with full-face breathing masks. Because that the underwater sections, they to be strapped to a rescue diver. The divers were guided v the dark by dive lines.


British rescuer man Volanthen, one of those who first discovered the boys, said divers to be able to practice rescue methods with Thai guys from a neighborhood swimming club in a pool.

"We strapped a cylinder come the prior of the child and they had a full-face mask… and also essentially we had actually a handle on the earlier of the child," he said

"If you desire a picture, it was probably an ext like a purchase bag that occasionally you would host close to her chest if the passage was narrow and deep. If the passage to be low and large you would organize them out to the side and essentially manoeuvre lock around any type of obstacles that were in the way," that said.

Initial reports suggested each boy was to have two rescue divers - one stop them and also one swimming behind - yet rescuer rick Stanton claimed in the end it to be one top top one.

The diving option was taken into consideration extremely attention by some, however dive experts said the priority to be to get the guys out prior to the rains brought more flooding and debris right into the cavern system.

About 40% that the boys' journey through the water involved diving and in other parts the water was approximately the rescuers' chests, Thai navy SEAL commander behind Admiral Apakorn Yuukongkaew said reporters.

After the submarine section, as soon as they reached the divers' operation base the cave, the boys were bundled into stretchers and carried or winched along ropes, follow to clip released by the Thai navy Seals.


The rescue mission started on 8 July, with divers beginning the cavern at 10:00 neighborhood time (03:00 GMT). The very first boy emerged at 17:40 and by 19:47, three an ext had followed.

The mission to be paused overnight for air tanks come be changed along the route however resumed again on Monday and Tuesday till the staying boys and also their coach were brought out and also transferred come hospital.

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But as fast as the water was being pumped out, more was flow in, fed by sinkholes and also streams in the hills above, and the dangers from the imminent monsoon rains to be high.