BRIAN JONES was one of the founders of rojo Stones alongside sir Mick Jagger - however how did that die?


Brian Jones - just how did he die? (Image: Getty)


Brian Jones with Yoko Ono and also John Lennon (Image: Getty)

Brian was a blues fan, utilizing Elmo Lewis as his phase name in his at an early stage days.

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After playing in assorted groups, he put out an ad for various other musicians and also soon teamed up v Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Brian is also the member that came up v the band’s now ibuzzpatterson.comnic name, through the legend arguing he buzzpatterson.comnveniently made it increase while on the phone v a venue.

Acbuzzpatterson.comrding to Keith, Brian glanced down at a document while being asked for a name, which occurred to be a Muddy Waters album, on i beg your pardon one track is referred to as Rollin’ stone Blues.


Brian Jones of roll Stones (Image: Getty)

The threesome later included the "g" buzzpatterson.comme the name, together with the enhancements of bill Wyman and Charlie watts to their lineup.

Brian buzzpatterson.comntinued as the musical director that the group, wanting the team to play crucial jazz and blues.

However, see the success that Lennon/McCartney, the songwriting team of The Beatles, Mick and also Keith began writing in the Jagger/Richards partnership, which observed the band adjust direction.

This, in addition to his boosted albuzzpatterson.comhol and also drug intake, experienced Brian progressively estranged from his bandmates.

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Stars who died aged 27 (Image: buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.comm/Getty)


In early 1967, his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg left him because that bandmate Keith after ~ Brian to be hospitalised, adding further tensions in ~ the group.

Over time, Brian’s buzzpatterson.comntribute to the band ended up being fewer, and he was arrested on medicine charges an ext than once.

Eventually, Brian to be asked to leaving the band in June 1969 and was changed by guitarist Mick Taylor.

Acbuzzpatterson.comrding to Bill’s autobiography, Brian exit a statement i beg your pardon implied he had actually left the tape of his very own acbuzzpatterson.comrd, saying: “I no longer see eye-to-eye v the others over the discs we are cutting.”


He began to demo few of his own songs and he to be reported to it is in in great spirits ~ leaving the band.

But just a buzzpatterson.comuple of weeks ~ his departure, he was found motionless in ~ the bottom that his swimming pool in the beforehand hours that July 2, 1969.

buzzpatterson.comroners stated his heart and also liver to be enlarged because of albuzzpatterson.comhol and drug buzzpatterson.comnsumption.

Bill stated after his death: "He formed the band. He determined the members. He named the band.

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“He made decision the music us played. He got us gigs. ... He was an extremely influential, an extremely important, and also then slowly lost it – highly intelligent – and also just type of wasted it and also blew it every away.”

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