Myth, rumour and innuendo come hand-in-hand once an actor die tragically young. However in the situation of Bruce Lee, who passed away at the height of his career aged just 32, this is person that is abnormal amplified, perhaps because he appeared so physically, indomitably fit.

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From the path of his fatality to the authenticity that his martial art skills, we look at several of the much more outlandish insurance claims out there…

The mafia killed him…


It is commonly rumoured that regardless of Lee’s prowess ~ above screen, he to be a 'paper dragon’, and his fighting an abilities had never ever been put to the check in tournaments – rather they were based upon private sparring and also theory. It’s thought such rumour may have been started by competition fighters. Others maintained that Lee was a teacher rather than a fighter.

In contrast, many cite the reality that Lee was lugged up in Kowloon, and also grew increase fighting ~ above the streets, i m sorry was among the reasons his parental ushered him into learning martial arts, beginning his wing Chun training at 13. One story speak of exactly how he beat the son of a fear Triad family and it to be at that allude his father sent out him to research in America because it was assumed there may have been a contract out on his life. It’s stated he eschewed tournaments due to the fact that in the 1960s they were either no or light contact affairs, and also deemed a rubbish of his time. Martial arts court are split on even if it is he to be a true fighter, and the dispute will most likely rage on because that years to come.

The strength of the 'One-inch Punch’…

The so-called 'one-inch punch’ to be popularised by Bruce Lee, however is assumed to have acquired from the 'southern school’ the Chinese martial arts, or Nanquan. As it sounds, it’s a blow ceded from an incredibly brief distance (from 0 to 15cm) making use of a technique called 'fa jin’, fairly brilliantly an interpretation 'explosive power’.

Lee learned it throughout his soup Chun training, and often prove it, however was it lot cop? exploration Channel display 'Mythbusters’ once put it to the test using a pressure gauge. The was contrasted to a normal punch thrown, and compared unfavourably – the common punch weighed in in ~ 325 pounds, if the one-inch punch was measured at 153 pounds. However as the wasn’t tested against a human being subject, the punch was deemed a 'plausible’ combat technique nonetheless. Whether it would certainly be feasible in a fight case remains a topic for lot debate, and also many deem it a 'push’ fairly than an actual punch.

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The 330lb beat bag…

It is asserted Lee had such toughness that through a solitary sidekick he can batter a 300lb punchbag so hard it would certainly swing increase from the hanging position and hit the ceiling. This is widely disputed as one exaggerated metropolitan legend, simply because of the massive weight involved. There is footage of him battering a 70lb bag, however the 300lb cases are completely unsubstantiated.

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