The L.A. Ar coroner's office announced that Disney star Cameron Boyce died in his sleep native epilepsy, confirming his family's previous statement.

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The Los Angeles county coroner has confirmed that Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce"s fatality earlier this month was brought about by epilepsy.

The office released its findings on Tuesday, confirming the reason of death that Boyce"s household had announced simply days ~ the 20-year-old actor passed away on July 6.

The Los Angeles ar coroner's office evidenced that Disney channel star Cameron Boyce passed away from epilepsy. Robyn Beck/Getty Images

Boyce passed away from "sudden unexpected death in epilepsy," the coroner"s office established after extr testing adhering to an autopsy ~ above July 8, follow to the report.

A family members spokesperson released a explain on July 10 saying that Boyce"s "tragic passing was because of a seizure as a an outcome of one ongoing medical condition, and that problem was epilepsy." he was discovered unresponsive at his house in phibìc Hollywood.


Boyce, that was born and raised in Los Angeles, showed up in the 2010 Adam Sandler film "Grown Ups" prior to going on come star in the Disney Channel"s "Jessie" and also the 3 movies in the "Descendants" franchise.

His household has mutual its heart pain while paying tribute to Boyce, through his mother most recently remembering her son as she "compass."

His father, Victor Boyce, referred to as his son"s sudden fatality "a nightmare i can"t wake up from" simply days afterward, while thanking fans for the love and support they confirmed his family. Boyce"s grandmother, civil civil liberties pioneer Jo Ann Boyce, dubbed him "a shining star" and also remembered his "loving nature."

Boyce"s younger sister, Maya, 17, wrote around how she shed her best friend.

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"Yes, the died. Yes, ns sad. Cameron was my finest friend. That is someone ns will always idolize. His smile might light up a room, unlike anyone else’s," she wrote in a keep in mind she contained in a gallery of frank photographs.

"He to be perfect. He always said that if you have actually a voice, you have the privilege of making use of that voice because that change, and he did no take that idea lightly. He interpreted his responsibility as someone so many children would look increase to. Cameron always went out of his means to it is in giving and kind."

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