Fans that the exploration Channel"s reality collection Deadliest Catch room no stranger come tragedy. Between the deaths of a half-dozen actors members end the years, unfortunate events have win the fan base time and time again. The an initial tragedy occurred in 2010, as soon as Deadliest Catch star Captain Phil Harris of the boat Cornelia Marie succumbed to symptom from a stroke, recorded on camera during Season 6 as he was offloading crab at St. Paul Island, Alaska. That passed away after ripe days in the hospital, follow to

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The first of five episodes that Season 6 that dealt with Harris"s stroke and also its after-effects drew 5.2 million viewers, a record-setting number because that the fact show, follow to The new York Times. After the stroke, Harris was placed in one induced coma, only later to wake up from the coma together his problem improved. Later, however, the reality star passed away from an intracranial hemorrhage, as heavy reports.

On July 13, 2010, the episode "Redemption Day", which dealt with the fatality of Harris throughout its final moments, set another record audience because that the show, v 8.5 million viewers, do the illustration the third-most-viewed transfer in the channel"s history. "Most the the fans understand what the unfortunate ending is," Clark Bunting, the president and also general manager that Discovery, said The brand-new York Times. "I think this is a cumulative opportunity for civilization to express their condolences."

Nearly one year ~ Harris"s passing, Time Bandit deckhand Justin Tennison passed away at the young age of 33 in one Alaska hotel room. When the official cause of fatality was complications from sleep apnea, police uncovered beer, hard liquor and a tiny amount the marijuana in his hotel room as soon as his body was discovered.

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The Hollywood Reporter reported the according to one of Tennison"s relatives, Eddie Uwekoolani, Tennison to be a family man who cherished his kids and loved the wild life in ~ sea together a fisherman. Uwekoolani likewise hinted the the cameras and also attention connected with stardom ~ above Deadliest Catch can have play a duty in Tennison"s untimely death. "We"ve had actually a rough year," he said. "Phil Harris died. The guys been having some trouble, the Cornelia boys. ... I don"t recognize if we"re all gaining too calm or enjoying the movie part, yet ... Everybody is the town hall their wellness now," that told the publication.