Carrie and Mike have credited their belief as a source of strength and guidance v their marriage.

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Carrie Underwood and also husband Mike Fisher definitely look the component of a assimilated romance.

After gift married because that nine years and also becoming parents to two sons—Isaiah Michael Fisher, 5, and also Jacob Bryan Fisher, 1—the American Idol winner-turned country superstar and her previous hockey-playing husband are still walking strong. Previously this year, the couple launched a television collection called Mike and Carrie: God & Country, and the 2 of them opened up up around how much their faith has assisted them through life"s battles together. After experiencing three miscarriages prior to the bear of their second son, they have weathered storms and emerged more powerful together.

The duo is doing for this reason well, in fact, that simply weeks after ~ the birth of Jacob critical year, they decided to welcome another member to their clan: a equine named Bojangles!

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But the four-legged friend wasn"t the just news surrounding the twosome at the time. Mike, who"s initially from Peterborough, Canada, announced the he officially became an American citizen on in march 22, 2019.


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Although all the excitement went down within a matter of months, Carrie and also Mike have had actually years of sweet moments. Here"s everything you need to know about the couple"s fairytale love story.

How Carrie Underwood Met Husband Mike Fisher

Carrie wasn"t searching for a long-distance relationship, let alone marriage, when a friend offered to set her up through a hunky Canadian athlete. "I mean, have the right to I do dating an ext difficult?" Carrie recalled on VH1"s Behind the Music. "Let"s gain a hockey man who resides in an additional country. Awesome."

The singer"s bassist, note Childers, want to introduce her to his friend, nationwide Hockey league star Mike Fisher. Skeptical around a blind date v someone who lived so far away (Carrie stayed in Franklin, Tennessee at the time) and also fearful the encounter can be awkward, she said they meet backstage at one of her concerts. The casual meet-and-greet confirmed worthwhile—their physics chemistry to be off the charts.

"Hot, hot, hot," Carrie, 25 in ~ the time, texted Childers after meeting Mike, 28.

For the Ottawa Senators player"s part, he thought Carrie to be "more beautiful in human being than ~ above TV," Mike said.

Carrie Underwood and also Mike Fisher"s first Date

It would certainly be 3 months prior to they speak in person again. Demanding careers and a physical street of 1,070 miles preserved them apart, but they speak on the phone regularly. Finally, on new Year"s eve 2008, the pair had your first official date.

"Our an initial kiss was once the sphere dropped," said Carrie.

"We to be in front of people, and also he"s not a large PDA guy," she called Glamour. "I figured, I"ll go in for it because he can"t leaving me hanging, right? So ns made the kiss me in public."

Carrie Underwood"s Engagement come Mike Fisher

The coming year, 2009, confirmed to be one of whirlwind romance because that the singer and also hockey player. Starting with that kiss top top the hit of midnight, that closed out with a proposal the marriage. On Dec. 20, 2009, on a quiet Sunday afternoon in ~ his home, Mike popped the question. She stated yes, of course, and also the newly engaged couple texted friends and family with the good news. Mike also gushed around it come the media the following day, telling the Toronto Sun, "It"s true. We"re both clear excited and very happy."

The pair had kept a low profile up until then, yet in January 2010, they made your first public appearance together at a fundraising casino occasion in Gatineau, Canada. The night to be a soft opened for Mike, who would accompany his fiancée top top the red carpet at number of ceremonies in the comes months, consisting of to the 2010 CMT Awards, whereby they mutual a sexy success kiss as Carrie obtained up to accept the award for video clip of the Year.

Carrie Underwood and also Mike Fisher"s Wedding

The handsome couple tied the knot a month later, ~ above July 10, at the Ritz-Carlton resort on Lake Oconee, Georgia. Carrie"s dad go her down the aisle.

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