Back in 2011, Charlie Sheen had actually to confront the music after ~ his personality on Two and a fifty percent Men was eliminated off. ~ eight seasons on the show, the actor to be fired because of his erratic conduct on collection and in public. But Sheen was game for tuning in to clock the fatality of "Charlie Harper," which occurred in season 9"s premiere episode. Here"s exactly how he reacted.

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Charlie Sheen, it transforms out, have the right to enjoy a laugh at his own expense. This consists of when it"s a morbid one, together was the case when that watched his character"s fatality on Two and also a fifty percent Men in 2011.

The actor"s Two and also a fifty percent Men departure saga came to an end when his character, "Charlie Harper," was eliminated off in the season 9 premiere episode, "Nice to fulfill You, Walden Schmidt."

Sheen had been fired in 2010 after the publicly criticized present creator chuck Lorre. His comments came complying with a stop in manufacturing of season 8 once the actor had gotten in rehab. The incident brought about a high-profile war of words, which had the leak of a document on Sheen"s alleged erratic plot on set. Nonetheless, Sheen at some point tuned in for the season 9 premiere, i m sorry was supposed to deal with his departure.


Two and A fifty percent Men Jake

Two and a half Men: The fatality of "Charlie Harper"

On the night the Sept. 19, 2011, Sheen watched top top as Two and also a fifty percent Men revealed the fatality of "Charlie Harper" in a Paris train accident. At the time, outlets reported account of his reaction to miscellaneous parts that the episode.


Jon Cryer and also Charlie Sheen on Two and also a fifty percent Men.

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In the episode, the friends, family, and many exes the "Charlie" confirmed up because that his funeral, which he stated was "eerie but fun." girlfriend Jeff Ross told THR the Sheen was also "genuinely thrilled" as previous castmates Angus T. Jones and also Holland Taylor nailed "zingers" in the episode.

Charlie Sheen top top Ashton Kutcher in Two and also a half Men

The fatality episode is likewise memorable for the arrival scene the "Walden Schmidt" (Ashton Kutcher), i beg your pardon Sheen called "very f***ing morbid." It begins as "Alan" (Jon Cryer) jokes v "Charlie"s" ashes in an urn, as soon as "Walden"s" sudden existence at the door frightens him. He throws the ashes in surprise, developing a cloud in prior of "Walden."

"I believed it was the ideal intro because that a brand-new a personality on a TV display of every time," Sheen to be reported to have actually said. TMZ noted that Sheen delighted in how Kutcher "was revealed with the dusty exploded smoke of mine remains."

"They gave him a f***ing entrance favor a movie," Ross recalled Sheen having actually said. Ross, who watched the illustration at Sheen"s house, explained to THR his break up reaction:

"As the episode"s credits rolling away, I saw Charlie take it a deep breath. The looked almost relieved. As if he privately realized that this night to be some type of public punishment because that his erratic and also scary behavior over the previous year. Possibly it"s even a little price to pay for every the funny he"s had in his life."

Sheen never returned come Two and a fifty percent Men, i beg your pardon wrapped up a few seasons later on in 2015. The 2011 fatality episode was extremely viewed due to the expectation of "Charlie Harper"s" death, and the present ultimately got its best ratings in the Ashton Kutcher era — though pan were separated on the new character.