The actor, who went public through his HIV-positive diagnosis in November last year, reveals in a new interview the he only engaged in unprotected sex twice since he was "too drunk or also bored" come wear a condom.

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When request by a reporter in ~ British newspaper The sunlight how countless times the has had actually unprotected sex, the 50-year-old replied, "A couple of times. Twice. And also we would certainly be having actually a various dialogue.

"I was always the man that supported it and said you’ve gained to use condoms, this and that. I was also drunk or too bored one night and also here us are."

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The wall surface Street star, who as soon as boasted he had slept with an ext than 700 women, has been celibate for 7 months, back not v choice.

"HIV is not the ideal pick-up line. So it has happened as a an outcome of everybody else and also myself having the knowledge, and also that’s fine," the explained. "You’d be amazed exactly how much more you can achieve and just how much much more you have the right to learn once you’re not just trying to have sex.

"I make jokes around the diagnosis since you have to. Otherwise it’s just ‘awkward city’."

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In 2011, in ~ the elevation of Charlie"s wild behaviour, he had a public meltdown and also was ultimately dismissed from his lead duty in sitcom Two and also a fifty percent Men. That exact same year, he discovered he to be HIV-positive, despite he decided to store this private for an additional four years.

Charlie to be criticised as soon as he revealed his diagnosis, however now feel he has become an ext famous for his HIV status.

"People say, what does that feel favor to be the confront of HIV?’," that shared. "I’m like, ‘Euugh, unintentional’. But if that’s the truth of it, then so it is in it."

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The actor, who confessed to missing sleeping v women ~ above a constant basis, is defiant in the face of his health problems and remains positive when it concerns looking come the future.

"I’ve come ago from the ashes a pair of time before," he added. "Risen. Ok just have to do that again."

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