Chelsea Handler speak jokes for a living, and it appears that nearly nothing is off-limits. From divisive national politics to she sex life and driving under the influence, Handler has never been shy about tackling any topic, no matter just how much warm water she may uncover herself in afterward. An ext often than not, though, her courage has lugged her far, creating the star as among the most successful comedians the the 21st century.

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Most comedians, however, will certainly admit the some things are not laughing matters, and Handler is no different, specifically when the topic turns to Handler"s earliest brother, Chet. Chet was 13 year older 보다 Handler and also died when she was simply 9 years old. Handler talks around her brother v her trademark candor, if (obviously) not through the same playfulness. That wasn"t until she to be an adult the Handler was really able come unpack exactly how much her brother"s fatality really influenced her at such a young age and her relationship going forward.

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When Chelsea Handler"s brother Chet was 22, that went long in Jackson Hole, Wyo. As soon as he dropped off a cliff come his death. "The totality family dropped apart since everybody retreated right into their little corners that grief," Handler described while speaking to Martha Steward because that Interview Magazine. This at some point prevented the family from grappling through the grief together. "In a sense, I lost my brother and also my father. I had a actual chip on my shoulder about trusting men."

That chip on she shoulder is something that Handler carried with her for a lengthy time. It wasn"t until Handler ended up being enraged following the choice of Donald trump card in 2016 that she finally went come therapy and also unpacked her brother"s death in the process. "The election represented to me the human being being unhinged, which was precisely what taken place to me when my brother died when ns was 9 years old," Handler called USA Today. Chet had actually promised come come earlier and never did, resulting in Handler"s trouble with guys as one adult. "I don"t trust men since the most crucial person in mine life lied to me," she said.

Though it appears that Handler has operated through she grief much more than 30 year after the fact, she will never ever forget him. In 2017, she shared a photograph of him on Instagram. Acknowledging the her family was never ever the exact same again after ~ his death, she decided to look at the bright side, noting that, "because of that day, i learned just how to live and love and also laugh."