There space HGTV celebrities — think the building Brothers or the stars that "Flip or Flop," Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack — and also then there"s Chip and also Joanna Gaines. The superstar couple started their media careers with the storied home innovation network with their display "Fixer Upper," and also like kindling come a match, lock lit the network (and the world) up like none other. "Fixer Upper" revolutionized Chip and Joanna native humble house flippers to bona fide stars, and also their fame result in home collections, expanded businesses in their hometown of Waco, Texas, and even their very own network.

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It"s safe to say that no other pair has their finger top top the pulse the the home advancement media landscape choose Chip and also Jo, however what makes these two that much an ext enduring is your love because that one another. As parents to five kids, Chip and also Jo make it clean to your fans that household comes first, and their love story is proof of that. For this reason what was it favor for Joanna to fall in love v Chip? What is her connection with the like as soon as the cameras aren"t rojo — or as soon as cameras weren"t yet pointed in ~ the pair at all? Let"s take a look inside Joanna"s partnership with Chip.

Lots of human being meet your future spouses in college. Well, both Chip and Joanna Gaines to visit Baylor university in Waco, Texas, however contrary to renowned belief, the two didn"t meet throughout their university days. As detailed by nation Living, Chip was born on November 14, 1974, and Joanna ~ above April 19, 1978, so the 2 are almost four year apart in period — meaning that their schooling was about one complete university generation be separated from every other. Chip left school in 1998 after obtaining his level in marketing and business administration, and Joanna acquired her interactions degree in 2001. 

The famous pair wouldn"t fulfill for a few more year after Joanna left school, which may have actually been a great thing, since she gained to vet her career alternatives and explore what she wanted to do. Joanna said the Baylor Alumni Magazine the she was constantly interested in gift on-camera, regardless of being a fairly "shy, introverted person." together such, her beforehand career in broadcast journalism helped her build those on-screen chops us all know and also love.

You understand it"s going to it is in a romance for the eras if it just takes a photo to seal the deal, and also that"s what happened with Chip and also Joanna Gaines. Chip told PopSugar the while patronizing Joanna"s family"s auto shop, he experienced a picture of her hanging behind the counter. "I knew I"d marry her one day simply by the picture on the wall," he stated — be still our beating hearts. Chip later on returned to the family service during one of Joanna"s shifts, and also the 2 hit that off ideal away. She said PopSugar the they met in the waiting area, and also she to be taken by exactly how "genuinely engaging" that was. "He had actually such a thank you smile," she said of your initial encounter. 

Joanna elaborated top top the experience throughout an interview v Baylor University"s Alumni Magazine, and shared the she and Chip spent quite a while chatting (even though she to be technically working). "We finished up sitting outside and also talking because that 30 minutes. The next day he dubbed the shop and asked me out. Very romantic," she said. Chip and also Jo had their very an initial date in ~ a historic restaurant in sink Mills, Texas, and also the remainder is history.

Just based on the realm that Chip and also Joanna Gaines have created, you"d think the they to be destined come be ideal off the bat. But while creating for the Summer 2020 concern of "Magnolia Journal," Joanna revealed that her future husband wasn"t her type, and it took her a minute come come around to the idea of date him. Confessing that she to be usually right into "guys who were much more on the quiet side," Joanna revealed the Chip certainly threw her a curveball. 

"Based ~ above our an initial date, it to be clear that Chip to be anything but quiet," she wrote, further revealing come readers the her then-date was "all end the place" and wouldn"t avoid talking around the dwellings he wanted to renovate, enterprise he at some point wanted come own and operate, and all the risks he was willing to take to reach his goals. "I to be wondering if the was just a bit crazy," Joanna wrote, as noted by People. "In my mind, I somewhat instinctively confirm his penchant for risk and also chatty nature as two reasons we probably wouldn"t go on a 2nd date." But clearly there was part magic between the two of them, since a second date happened.

Joanna Gaines may have figured it s her to be attracted to the sweet, silent type, and also while she definitely got a sweet guy, Chip Gaines is anything yet quiet. Joanna called PopSugar the it to be Chip"s capacity to do her laugh that at some point won she over. "I couldn"t believe how sort Chip was — he had kind eyes," Joanna said. "I knew he was the one because I knew I could trust him." 

The "Fixer Upper" star elaborated on she initial impression that Chip in the Summer 2020 worry of "Magnolia Journal," and as chronicled by People, Chip"s vision that life and also what he want to develop for himself was also very attractive come Joanna. "All the ideas and also dreams he organized for self were anything but ordinary, and also he talked about the world about him with the lens that untapped potential," Joanna wrote. She go on to define that as soon as Chip walk pause, "if only to take it a breath," she found herself coming up with ideas and dreams of her own to fill in the gaps. "This near-stranger had drawn out a side of me that i didn"t yet understand existed," Joanna created of those early on dating days.

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When a woman says that she doesn"t care around her engagement ring, however rather the meaning behind it, to trust her — if it"s native the best guy, it could be a Ring popular music for all she cares. However, in Joanna Gaines" case, Chip popped the question in a jewelry store and also immediately had actually Jo offer her input on the specific ring she want (which is fantastic way to go about it, everyone). 

As noted by CheatSheet, Chip took Jo come a jewelry store in Archer City, Texas and also got down on one knee (without a ring, we must add). She that course stated yes, and also then the two of them made their method into the save so Jo could pick out her diamond — she opted for an antique-inspired diamond in a platinum setting. In she book, "The Magnolia Story," she later recalled what the proposal expected to her. "I just about melted," she said of the experience. "The jeweler was a guy named Billy Holder, who had gone come high institution with Chip"s dad ... The reality that the an option of the ring tied back to Chip"s roots and family background made it all the an ext special because that me."

There"s naught quite like being able come envision a project and execute it by yourself. Chip Gaines has actually been flipping dwellings for a lengthy time, as he started his genuine estate career at very early age. He told the Baylor university Alumni Magazine the after investing in his first real estate project, he was hooked. The made a $30,000 benefit from his first flipped house, and also that was it — he to be bitten through the bug. "It became apparent to me the I can work an entire year and make $30,000, or I could work for 3 months flipping a house and make the same amount that money," that said. "I became very excited around investing in rental property and also flipping property." 

So what go that mean for Joanna Gaines? Basically, it meant that as quickly as she married her husband, they went into service together. The couple told PopSugar the as shortly as lock tied the knot, they started working on different real estate tasks together — clearly, they were onto something. "We started renovations top top automatically after us came house from our honeymoon," Joanna recalled. "Chip did all the construction."

You"d think the after all the success Chip and Joanna Gaines have actually had, the phrase "match make in heaven" would apply. When we certainly seem to think that these two are other worldly, Joanna doesn"t re-publishing the similar sentiment. She told people that, "Match do in sky is not the term you would usage to describe us," and that she thinks her dynamic through Chip is far much more of a "spark" than anything else. 

"From work one, when we were dating, i realized the is not going to be placed in a box. And if there"s a rule, he"s walking to break it," she said. Joanna shared that in ~ the start of their relationship, she and also Chip had their "fair re-superstructure of fights" and that they had actually to work together to number out what limits worked because that their partnership — yet once they did that, they uncovered their harmony. "He"s good at the huge picture, and also he"s great at risk. I choose the details," she said. What"s much more is that Joanna credited Chip because that bringing her out of she shell, telling civilization that that "always moved to be the best" version of herself. "He empowers me to be confident," she shared.

Have you ever before wondered exactly how Chip and Joanna Gaines came up through their company name, Magnolia? We"ve constantly had questions, and as it turns out, the business name is one homage to one of Chip and Jo"s earliest experiences together. In the last episode the "Fixer Upper," i m sorry aired in march 2018, Chip described to the couple"s four youngsters (this was prior to they welcomed baby No. 5, Crew) that the surname Magnolia came about after among Chip"s very very first dates through Joanna. 

"You understand what"s interesting about a magnolia tree? among Mama and I"s first dates, ns climbed increase a magnolia tree and I pulled she off a magnolia bloom and I offered it come her," Chip defined to his kids, as noted by People. If you"ve acquired the waterworks, you"re absolutely not alone. That little gesture came to be the jumping off suggest for the business that would certainly ultimately readjust Chip and Jo"s stays forever, and also it"s together a lovely tribute to their beforehand days as a couple. "We love magnolia trees. It yes, really embodies our company. It"s basically end up being our mascot," Chip said. "So every job we do, we love to plant a magnolia gem."

Joanna Gaines and also her beloved husband, Chip Gaines, might look as though they have their professional lives under to an art, however they"ve been an extremely upfront about the obstacles that couples can confront when functioning together. After all, it"s tough to balance personal and skilled circles, especially if your partner is involved in both aspects. In a press event with People, Joanna revealed the for those wanting to gain into business with your spouse, it"s essential to be extremely upfront. 

"If you can"t figure it out, bring in someone the will assist so friend don"t finish up ending your marriage," she said. "Get a mediator, obtain a designer ... And enable yourself room to do mistakes." Joanna"s emotion was seconded through Chip, who mutual that for him and his wife specifically, they had to work-related on not forcing anything the didn"t feel natural. He shared that beforehand in their expert lives together, that realized that he shouldn"t step into Joanna"s world, together she didn"t "micromanage" his responsibilities. "After around a year of type of wrestling with each various other like that," the shared, they discovered their stride.

As if Chip and Joanna Gaines didn"t have enough on their plate, the pair share five children. Yes, 5 — they"re a small, really cute army who live on the family members farm surrounded by nature, animals, and also all great things Texas. However how do Chip and Jo technique parenting, and what does it say around their connection with each other? 

In an exclusive sit-down v Jenna shrub Hager for southern Living, Joanna common her experiences together a mom and how she and also Chip go around raising your kiddos. She shared that together parents, she and also Chip perform their best to assistance their kids and what they are passionate about, however they likewise do their finest to an obstacle their youngsters "in the things that space hard. ... They probably won"t appreciate this till they"re about 40 years old. It"s a balance the both," Joanna shared. She added that together she"s elevated her fifth child — who has actually a bigger period gap through his brothers — she"s made an ext of a aware effort come write things down and take note of the little experiences that make all the difference. "It"s the small moments that prevent me in mine tracks, due to the fact that that"s what life is every about," she shared.

We"ve every heard that each wedding anniversary year is significant with an object — the first is the document milestone, the fifth is the wooden year (that one provides zero sense), and also of course, the 10th anniversary has diamond condition (that one we have the right to absolutely gain behind). Twelve years into their marriage, Chip Gaines gift his wife, Joanna, v the chance to upgrade her engagement ring. 

As detailed by CheatSheet, the initial jeweler who marketed Chip the original ring concerned the couple"s house and also showed Jo a number of diamonds to choose from, but instead the going because that a new, flashy diamond, Joanna stuck to the one she already had. "I looked in the eye and also I said, "I"m sorry, however no. This is the initial diamond i picked, and it"s perfect simply the method it is,"" she recalled about the situation. What make Jo for this reason firm in her decision? She shared in her book, "The Magnolia Story," the her initial ring was authentic to her and Chip. "It wasn"t a "perfect" diamond, but it was perfect for me," she wrote. "To me, mine ring is part of ours story."

To know Joanna Gaines" relationship with her husband, Chip Gaines, is to know what it is about him that she loves so much. Joanna told world during their Kindness issue that that is in fact Chip"s gold heart the she can"t get sufficient of. She said the publishing that Chip loves and shows goodness in a "no strings attached" sort of way, method that has made their family members much better off. 

"If you space stranded on the next of the road, you desire Chip Gaines to drive by, due to the fact that he"ll revolve around and help," Joanna said. "It doesn"t matter what"s walking on, that he needs to meet, and he expects naught in return. It"s the quiet kindness that"s challenged me, our children and everyone here at Magnolia. We all need much more of that in our lives." as if we didn"t already love this two v our whole hearts! 

For his part, Chip shared that no problem, debate, or dispute is ever before worth the tranquility of others, specifically Jo. "In the end, Jo and also I sincerely care an ext about one an additional than us do around one of us being right," he said.

The speak goes that opposites attract, and Chip and Joanna Gaines have seemed to find the sweet spot. Joanna said Oprah in a "Super Soul" unique that as their popularity has actually grown, Chip has actually been the one that brings her back down to planet to reap the tiny moments in life, which have the right to be so conveniently missed. "I"m an ext operational click into, like, a robotic mode and also just show up and also do the thing and forget the why a lot of the time — forget the joy," she said, as detailed by People. 

Joanna walk on to explain that in ~ the finish of the day, it"s Chip who helps her remember to have actually fun and also have gratitude because that the little things. "Chip is always teaching me if you"re not having fun, if you"re not enjoying and also savoring this moments, then why space you act it?" she added. As for Chip, he shared that Joanna is the perfect compliment come his "dog chasing his tail in a circle" type of energy. It seems that this two are peas in a pod.

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There is miscellaneous so extremely satisfying about watching your partner flourish with time. Opportunities are you currently think they"re wonderful, but seeing them reach brand-new heights the success is therefore heartwarming, so imagine achieve those purposes alongside your spouse! That"s what Chip and also Joanna Gaines are at this time experiencing as of publication, together they are making their change from on-camera talent come network executives. Yes, they will still star in "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" episodes for fans come enjoy, however Chip and also Jo are likewise now the proud overseers the the Magnolia Network, i m sorry is set to change the DIY Channel ~ above cable television on January 5, 2022. 

For those of us who are vast Chip and also Jo fans, we"ve been maintaining up with them on the Discovery+ app, yet making the substantial move come cable television is a gigantic leap forward because that the couple. "We can"t wait to see these stories brought to life top top cable this January, and we"re hopeful about the affect it can have — to aid reclaim the ideal of what television can be," the pair wrote in a statement, as noted by Variety. This two are just gaining started.