kris Cuomo claims he has tested hopeful for the coronavirus, after gift exposed to world who have actually subsequently experiment positive. Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC photos hide caption

chris Cuomo states he has actually tested confident for the coronavirus, after being exposed to people who have actually subsequently experiment positive.

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Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC pictures

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CNN anchor kris Cuomo says he has tested hopeful for the coronavirus and is currently isolating self in his family"s basement. The brother of brand-new York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claims he has actually experienced COVID-19 symptoms, including "fever, chills and shortness the breath."

"I have been exposed to civilization in recent days who have actually subsequently tested positive and also I had actually fever, chills and also shortness the breath," Cuomo claimed in tweet Tuesday.

He added, "I just hope ns didn"t provide it to the kids and Cristina. That would certainly make me feeling worse 보다 this illness!"

Cuomo, 49, and his wife have actually three children: two daughters and also a son. Castle are currently living on lengthy Island.

Cuomo stated he will continue to host his TV and radio reflects from home.

"I am quarantined in mine basement (which actually renders the rest of the family seem pleased!)," he claimed in a tweet announcing his hopeful test result.

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As Cuomo disclosed his wellness status, his brothers was carrying an update on the COVID-19 outbreak in brand-new York, which now has an ext than 75,000 coronavirus cases, through 1,550 deaths.

"This virus is the great equalizer," governor Cuomo claimed in a tweet around his brother"s condition. He added, "Stay strong small brother. You space a sweet, beautiful guy and my best friend."

The 2 brothers have had actually lively on-air conversations about the pandemic, as well as the dynamics of your family. In one widely watched clip, they ended a segment through a spiky controversy over that is your mother"s favorite child.

This video clip of brothers Andrew and also Chris Cuomo fighting on AIR around their mom’s favorite child, calling your parents, and also breaking curfew cultivation up is better than anything Shakespeare ever wrote

— Sam Stryker (

"We"re life it. You"re life it. Everybody"s living it. This is the an excellent equalizer, an excellent equalizer. Yes, I just tested positive for coronavirus. Friend know, ns knew that was simply a matter of time, to it is in honest, because of how frequently I was exposed to people.

"And girlfriend know, my brother"s win me over the head a little bit v it ideal now, around my mom, however you know, it"s no an fully invalid point. Ns did have actually her right here with me because I assumed it was safer for she out eastern than in the city alone. And also he did convince me to relocate her to my sister in Westchester a few weeks ago, and that was the best move. Since I am going to be exposed a lot, and even though ns loved her and also I wanted her here, the same love was misplacing the smartest move, and we have that deluxe where there to be someone rather who can take her. So, say thanks to God she"s not affected by this."

Cuomo added, "I to be fine. Ns am no the story. There are civilization who space in stormy shape since of this."

CNN reports: "Cuomo was many recently at CNN"s offices in the Hudson Yards community of new York City last Friday. The anchored indigenous his house on Monday, and interviewed his brother, brand-new York governor Andrew Cuomo."