When fact TV stars Ant Anstead and Christina Haack met and started dating, their relationship seemed like a fairy tale. But the reality TV pair split after just two years of marriage. Just Ant and Christina truly know why their marriage ended, however some readers room curious about how Ant and also Christina met.

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According to People, Christina and Ant let the civilization know about their break-up in September 2020. Naturally, the truth TV couple announced your divorce ~ above Instagram. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Christina wrote, "Ant and I have actually made the an overwhelming decision to separate. We space grateful for each other and also as always, our kids will remain our priority. We appreciate your support and also ask for privacy for us and also our household as we navigate the future." Christina eventually deleted her original Instagram that followed her life once she was married to other HGTV star Tarek El Moussa and Ant. Christina adjusted her name to ago to Haack, her maiden name, in April 2021 and created a brand-new Instagram account.

That"s exactly how the relationship ended, but how did the begin? We"ve uncovered the true story of just how the "Flip or Flop" star and the star of "Wheeler Dealers" an initial met. Keep reading to discover more.

Christina Anstead, now Christina Haack, met Ant Anstead v a shared friend. According to People, the "Christina top top the Coast" star and Ant met "at the end of 2017." The outlet report the couple announced their connection in January 2018 top top Instagram, noting the the two truth stars had actually kept your romance "under the radar because that a couple of months" before becoming Instagram official. Follow to Cheat Sheet, Christina created in a since-deleted Instagram article that lock met "through a common friend" and also deemed that "#Fate."

A 2018 home Beautiful article revealed some sweet moments from the early part of Christina and Ant"s relationship. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Christina wrote, "A year back today
ant_anstead dubbed me because that the an initial time and we spoke because that 29 mins two days later while he to be at Sema he FaceTimed me (I was reasoning who FaceTimes) anyways ns answered and we spoke for 2.5 hrs ... Two days later on we met for the first time and also we"ve to be inseparable ever before since. #FATE."

Ant and Christina appeared to blend their families successfully. Christina shares daughter Taylor and son Brayden v her ex-husband and "Flip or Flop" co-star Tarek El Moussa, when Ant"s adolescents Amelie and Archie live in the UK v his ex-wife, Louise Anstead, yet the four youngsters seemed close. Ant and also Christina additionally welcomed child Hudson London Anstead in September 2019, and also they became a family members of seven.

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HGTV star Christina Haack"s love story with Ant Anstead was a whirlwind. The truth TV stars" connection lasted just three years from the time they met to the day Christina filed because that divorce. Your storybook romance turned right into a wild ride as soon as they to be married, as their liven life together became much more complicated.

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According to house Beautiful, Ant and also Christina married in December 2018, take it their youngsters on your honeymoon in January 2019, and also announced Christina"s pregnant in march 2019! Ant and the "Christina on the Coast" star welcomed child Hudson in September 2019. In enhancement to juggling three truth TV shows in between them, the pair managed co-parenting teens in another country and also they were remodeling their home in Orange County. Also for a pair used come juggling plenty of balls, Ant and Christina"s fast-moving romance appeared to fight a wall surface once they got married. Looking back at all the challenges Ant and Christina faced, it"s no surprising the the marital relationship suffered.

One human not surprised that Ant and Christina"s connection didn"t last? she ex-husband, "Flip or Flop" co-star Tarek El Moussa. A resource close come the truth TV star and also real estate investor told united state Weekly in September 2020 the Tarek "did not think the Christina and also Ant would certainly last." Apparently, he to be correct.