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This is a baseless rumor. The barreldepicted in the logo were for storing soda crackers sold in basic stores. That’s the origin of the name.

Cracker Barrel claimed the curve in its logo design is a usual calligraphy thrive used in the logos of countless brands.

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The Cracker Barrel restaurant chain has actually been serving southerly cuisine and also selling rocking chairs in its old nation stores due to the fact that its first location opened in Lebanon, Tenn., in 1969. 

But several articles spreading on social media claim the that company name and logo describe a slaveholder’s whips and also the barrels they were stored in. 

"Cracker was a slang term because that whip," reads one Facebook short article that features photo of the this firm name and logo. "Thats why blacks called whites crackers, native the crack of the whip. A cracker barrel is a barrel that held the whips for sale at the nation store. You view the whip going from the R to the K? Racism in her face!!"

The story no true, and also the agency denied the claim.

The post was flagged as component of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and also misinformation ~ above its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership v Facebook.)

Merriam-Webster defines "cracker-barrel" together an adjective "suggestive the the trusted homespun personality of a nation store. Dictionary.com specifies the term together "of or suggesting the straightforward rustic informality and directness believed to be characteristic that life in and also around the nation store."

The company’s name and also the logo suggest to barrels that were used to store soda crackers, like saltines or northern typical crackers, no whips.