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Dabo Swinney didn"t recognize his full name until third grade. If no for Scantron standardization testing, there"s no telling exactly how long it would"ve taken him to discover out.

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"This is moral to God truth," Swinney said in 2016. "I had actually no idea my name was even William until choose the third grade due to the fact that of those scantrons."

Swinney"s unable to do by Dabo for most of his life since of a mispronunciation by his brothers Tripp once they to be both small children. His name is fine known across the country now as among the highest-paid and best college football coaches in the land at Clemson. Would certainly Bill/William Swinney have had actually the very same ring to it together a dominant football coach?

It"s totally fair if you"ve came down on this write-up not understanding Swinney"s genuine name or the origin story behind his nickname, because it took Swinney around 10 year of his life to understand his very own name himself. However we"re below for you through the necessary facts about the origins of "Dabo."

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What is Dabo Swinney"s complete name?

Dabo Swinney"s full name is William Christopher Swinney.

How did Dabo Swinney get his nickname?

When Swinney was a baby, his older brothers Tripp (15 months at the time) make the efforts to refer to his small bro as "that boy." The pronunciation came out sounding an ext like "Dabo," though, and also it stuck.

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Swinney"s father usually referred to as him Chris, ~ his center name, but pretty quickly Tripp wasn"t the only one calling the Dabo. 

In 2013, Swinney trademarked his own name. It enables him to work with the Clemson marketing routine to sell items with Dabo"s name on them. Ironic, huh? 

What go "Dabo" Swinney"s name mean?

"Dabo" just is a mispronounced variation of "that boy."

When Swinney was a baby, his older brother Tripp starting referring come him together "that boy." The only trouble was that the 15-month old Tripp ended up speak a word the sounded much more like "Dabo."

The rest is background for Dabo Swinney.

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