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The Clemson Tigers’ football season has finished with national championship game appearances in 4 of the last six years, which eventually led to your coach gaining the most financially rewarding contract because that a head coach in college sports at the time. (Yes, even much more than Nick Saban.) but what name was actually published on that contract? It certainly wasn’t “Dabo Swinney.”

Since growing up an infant in Alabama ? the state he’s beaten twice in the nationwide championship ? he’s been referred to as Dabo, yet most human being don’t realize that’s no actually his actual name.

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What is Dabo Swinney’s actual Name?

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That’s right. Dabo isn’t in reality the actual name of ClemsonheadcoachDabo Swinney. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, William Christopher Swinney grew up in Pelham and also dreamt of playing football for the college of Alabama.

As an infant, the future NCAA national title-winning football coach was called Chris by his father, short for his middle name Christopher. Yet his older brother, Tripp, simply 15 month old, would call him “that boy.” due to the fact that his brothers was so young, it come out sounding an ext like “Dabo.”

The surname stuck therefore well, that wasn’t till the third grade when Dabo actually found out his an initial name was William, and also that was just because the those scantron tests in school.

Dabo top top his name: "This is ethical to God truth. I had no idea my surname was also William until like the third grade since of those scantrons."

— Derek Phillips (
DerekPhillips89) January 5, 2016

William Christopher come a long way since those days, starring on the Americanfootball field and in the great in high school, gift a walk-on with the Alabama football team and also eventually beginning at large receiver for Alabama’s 1992 nationwide championship team. His coaching career began as a graduate assistant for the Tide, wherein he eventually coached receivers and also tight ends from 1996 to 2000 if earning his master’s level in company administration.


Once again though, his ties to Alabama led to his present position as among the highest-paid coach in college athletics.

In 2002, his previous position coach and also then many tigers head coach Tommy Bowden readily available him a job as assistant coach, working through the receivers at Clemson, and he take it on the title of recruiting coordinator for the Tigers. When Bowden to be fired in 2008, Swinney took over as the interim head coach and also was provided the permanent job in ~ the end of the regular season.

At Clemson University, head coach Dabo Swinney has won end 140 games, caught seven ACC Championships, and also has beaten the Alabama Crimson tide twice to victory the university Football Playoff national ChampionshipGame top top ESPN.

Since the NCAA started the CFP, Clemson has played in the tournament six of its very first seven years, beating the Oklahoma Sooners, Ohio State Buckeyes, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and of course, Alabama.

Another superior record is the one the college footballcoach has accumulated against ACC conference opponents. Since taking over, the Clemson footballteam wins over 80 percent that their games in ACC play against the likes that Miami and Georgia Tech and also is 7-1 in ACC title games. Plus, virtually a fifth of those losses to be to the Florida State Seminoles.

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