Debbie Reynolds has passed away after being rushed to the hospital Wednesday, her kid told The linked Press. She to be 84.

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"She"s now with Carrie and also we"re every heartbroken," Reynolds" son, Todd Fisher, stated from Cedars-Sinai Medical center Wednesday evening.

He claimed the tension of his sister"s death "was also much" for Reynolds.

"She said, "I desire to be through Carrie," " said Fisher. "And then she was gone."

Stars pour their hearts the end after Debbie Reynolds" death

Earlier in the day, TMZ and the Los Angeles Times said she suffered a medical emergency. TMZ report Wednesday morning Reynolds to be at Fisher"s house in Beverly Hills planning her daughter"s funeral and may have suffered a stroke. The outlet claimed Reynolds had been distraught due to the fact that Fisher"s health declined last Friday.

"She organized it together beautifully, obviously, because that the last pair of days however she to be under a many emotion and stress native the loss (of Fisher) and it"s pretty much what motivated this event," Todd told E! News.

The Los Angeles Times reported Reynolds to be rushed to the hospital, adding that she complained of breathing problems. Todd told alphabet 7 Los Angeles that she had actually suffered a stroke at her home at about noon, though no cause of fatality has to be revealed because that either woman.

Appreciation: Debbie Reynolds, unsinkable come the end

The Los Angeles Fire Department evidenced they comment to a contact for medical aid from a house on Coldwater Canyon drive in Beverly Hills quickly after 1 p.m. Neighborhood time. LAFD spokeswoman Margaret Stewart said USA this particular day that an "adult female" in "fair to major condition" was transported come Cedars-Sinai Hospital, the closest to the address.

Because that a commonwealth privacy law, emergency services can"t recognize patients.

Carrie Fisher"s death: What we understand now

USA TODAY has actually reached the end to representatives because that Reynolds; her 24-year-old granddaughter, billy Lourd; and Joely Fisher, Carrie Fisher"s half-sister.

The people reeled at the devastating one-two punch of losing mother and also daughter a day apart – particularly at the close of a year i beg your pardon saw continual celebrity deaths.

Fisher"s daughter Billie, a star ~ above Scream Queens, who father is talent agent Bryan Lourd, has actually now shed both her mother and grandmother. "Carrie"s daughter is 24 years old. To have to lose the girls, it"s just horrible," Todd called E! News. "She"s gained their genes however you can"t also imagine. I can"t imagine gift 24 and also having to carry out this and also I"m 59."

Reynolds had actually previously provided periodic updates on Fisher while her daughter to be hospitalized, first telling fans Fisher was "stable" and on Tuesday confirming her fatality with a poignant note.

"Thank you come everyone that has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. I am grateful for her thoughts and also prayers that are currently guiding she to her following stop. Love tote Mother," Reynolds wrote on Facebook.

Reynolds last suffered a stroke in 2015, i beg your pardon Fisher referenced in one interview through People in may while pointing out her upcoming HBO documentary, Bright Lights: certification Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (which her mommy participated in).

“It’s a the majority of times terrifying, but watching my mother, who’s very resilient, coping with certain health concerns that she’s had,” Fisher claimed of Reynolds. “We were really lucky we gained really what probably could be she last (big project)."

In June, Reynolds" child Todd told alphabet News the "when (Reynolds) was in the hospital and barely recovering indigenous an operation, she had actually a little stroke."

Appreciation: Carrie Fisher will certainly forever be "Star Wars" royalty

Last year, Reynolds got a Governors Award (though couldn"t attend) and Screen actors Guild Life achievement Award. The latter was presented to her on stage by Fisher.

In a November interview through for the NPR show new Air, Fisher spoke of she admiration for her mother.

"She"s an immensely an effective woman, and I just admire my mother really much," Carrie Fisher said. "There"s very few women from her generation who worked like that, who simply kept a job going every her life, and also raised children, and also had awful relationships, and lost every her money, and got it ago again. I mean, she"s had actually an remarkable life, and she"s someone to admire."

Reynolds" celebrated career in Hollywood lasted more than 65 years. The Oscar-nominated actress starred in memorable films including 1952"s Singin" in the Rain, 1962"s How the West was Won and 1956"s Bundle that Joy.

The outspoken Reynolds do a specialty playing offbeat mother onscreen, alongside Albert Brooks in 1996"s Mother and top top the sitcom Will & Grace (1999 to 2006) as Debra Messing"s display screen mom.

Debbie Reynolds share her duties of a lifetime

But the most well known is she true-life duty as Carrie Fisher"s mother, the topic of Fisher"s semi-autobiographical novel and 1990 film Postcards native the Edge.

"It was her story. The was not my story," stated Reynolds. "We"ve had actually our ups and also downs, and also we survived it all."

In 2015, she called USA now there was one display character she related to the most: the indomitable, outspoken heroine that 1964"s The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

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"I feeling akin to the character that says, "I ain"t down yet," " claimed Reynolds. "In life, I"m like Molly Brown. I"ve had challenging times along the method and gone v experiences that many women have gone through. Yet I ain"t down yet."

Reynolds to be married three times, come singer Eddie Fisher (1955 come 1959), the dad of Carrie and also Todd; to businessman Harry knife (1960 to 1973); and to real estate developer Richard Hamlett (1984 to 1996). Her messy divorce from Fisher, who left her for Elizabeth Taylor, do headlines in the so late 1950s.