Derek Hough"s injury Monday during late night rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars" 10th anniversary speciallanded that in the ER,andcouldn"t come in ~ a worse time for him -- especially because he"s functioning on both DWTS in Los Angeles and the New York feather Spectacularshow in new York City.

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Just hours prior to the injury, the 29-year-old dancer also told ET the he was actually in better shape now than he has remained in previous seasons.

"It"s funny, once I"m actually here , by this season, I"m normally a lot more sore, a lot much more tired," the admitted. "I think it"s since I"ve personally been taking care of myself so much much more than I supplied to. I"m acquiring a cardio workout day-to-day doing the reflects so I in reality feel an ext in shape than I typically do in ~ this point."

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Unfortunately, that changed Monday night once Derek ended up in the hospital. According to Maria Menounos, Derek"s former DWTS partner who he was practicing a program with because that the anniversary special, the hurt his foot after that smashed that on a piece of equipment. Maria tells E! News the he then hurt himself additional when he fell down the stairs when he grabbed ice to put on his foot, rolling his ankle.

"Really upset at this stupid stair for hurting our
derekhough the end last night. Ugh....#DWTS #DWTS20 #badstair #menough??" she Instagrammed Tuesday, ~ his fall.

She also shared a video clip of the two rehearsing before his injury, in i m sorry she"s the one that actually gets injured as soon as she bump her head on the run floor.

Derek was accompanied come the hospital through his pal and also fellow DWTS pro note Ballas.

derekhough naught worse than seeing a fellow dancer get hurt specifically your brother," mark captioned a pic the him pushing Derek in a wheelchair in a now-deleted Instagram write-up (which Maria reposted).

Derek also posted a pic that both that his feet bandaged top top Instagram, writing, "Just acquiring home from the hospital. No the finest of news. I"m in utter disbelief." He likewise later turned off the update.


No word however on just how Derek"s injury will impact his future top top the display this season, however a resource tells E! News he may have damaged a toe, and severely sprained his ankle, suffering feasible ligament damage. One MRI is apparently scheduled for this day to check out just just how serious the injury come his fish eye is.

But Derek said ET ~ above Monday that he"s provided to performing "in pain."

"When you"re supplied to pain, girlfriend know, someone"s like, "Oh mine ankle hurts, or my... I don"t recognize why i did this, my boob hurts," but no, you acquire used to it, you need to be," he shared. "You"re never ever 100 percent."

Dancing v the Stars: 10th Anniversary special airs Tuesday, April 28, top top ABC.

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Find out much more on Derek"s injury by the town hall the video clip below.

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