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George was one of the show's original actors members. abc

After telling his other doctors in ~ Seattle elegant he"d it is in leaving the hospital to join the army, George died at the very beginning the season 6 after jumping in prior of a bus to conserve a young woman.

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Since leave the show, knight has had guest roles on illustration of "Law and Order: SVU" and CBS's "The an excellent Wife."


T.R. Knight at the Los Angeles screening the "Genius" in April 2017. Tommaso Boddi/Getty pictures for National geographic

Knight appeared on Hulu original series "11.22.63" and also National Geographic"s anthology miniseries "Genius."He"s set to appear on HBO Max"s "The trip Attendant" v Kaley Cuoco.

Kate Burton do recurring appearances on the series as Ellis Grey, Meredith’s no-nonsense mom who was usually a legend in the medical world.


Meredith had actually a strained connection with her mother. alphabet

Ellis suffered from Alzheimer"s disease and passed away of a heart strike on season three.

Burton has likewise made the jump end to "Scandal" together Sally Langston, the fire-spitting news anchor us all love to hate. She many recently showed up on one more popular show.


did you acknowledge Burton on the NBC display "This is Us"? NBC

Burton has appeared on "This Is Us" together Kevin"s therapist and also "13 reasons Why" together a doc. When a doctor, always a doctor.

Craig thomas was an attending cardiothoracic surgeon. abc

He died in the operation room after suffering a heart strike on season nine.

Daniels top top "Girl Meets World" Disney Channel/Ron Tom

He reprised his function as Mr. Feeny. The Disney Channel display was canceled after three seasons.

Meredith's half-sister Lexie (Chyler Leigh) was introduced on season three and stayed top top for five seasons until her fatality in season eight's unforgettable plane crash.

No one saw Lexie's fatality coming. alphabet

Lexie to be crushed through debris indigenous the plane. And in a heartbreaking moment, died from her injuries after mark professed his love for her.

Following the season eight finale, Leigh admitted come E! News the her leave from the collection was a joint decision made between herself and Shonda Rhimes.

Leigh has gone from being a super medical professional to the sister of Supergirl. The CW

The 34-year-old actress provided astatement to E! Newsabout her decision to leave the show.

"I met with Shonda and we worked together to provide Lexie"s story suitable closure. Ns am very lucky come have operated with this impressive cast and crew for five seasons," Leigh said. "My endure on "Grey"s Anatomy" is something the I will certainly treasure because that the remainder of my life. I desire to take this time to say give thanks to you to the fans. Your unconditional love and support have made these last five years an extremely special for me. Ns look front to my following chapter and also I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey."

Leigh currently plays Alex Danvers on "Supergirl." She has likewise appeared top top "Legends the Tomorrow" and "The Flash" play Supergirl"s sister.

Susan Grey (Mare Winningham) was Lexie's mom, Molly Grey-Thompson, and died indigenous a poor case that the hiccups.

Susan Grey showed up on periods two and three of the show. alphabet

Her death resulted native a complication to a regime procedure come treat mountain reflux and her non-stop hiccups.

Mare Winningham at the 68th yearly Tony Awards. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty photos for Tony Awards Productions

Winningham dram Detective Ralph Anderson"s wife, Jeannie, in the Stephen King adaptation.

Previously, Winningham appeared on Showtime"s "The Affair" and several periods of "American horror Story."

Thatcher Grey was killed off the display on season 15, illustration 11. alphabet

After a fight with alcoholism and also a successful liver transplant, Grey died of cancer while patching points up with his estranged daughter.

Perry is seen over on season one, illustration seven. Bravo via Netflix

He play Debra"s council, Michael O"Neil, ~ above the series.

Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) started off together a guest star, yet Derek Shepherd's ideal friend quickly ended up being a collection regular as head of plastics.

he made his note as ending up being known together McSteamy. abc

Mark also died in ~ the start of season ripe after the tragic airplane crash the injured half the cast.Later together a tribute to Lexie and Mark, Seattle Grace to be renamed Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Jules runs right into Cal at a carnival ~ above season one, illustration four. HBO Max

Dane play Nate"s father, Cal, that was living a double life on the HBO series. Previously, the starred and also produced "The critical Ship" throughout its five-season run on TNT.

In among the show's most shocking deaths, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) passed away after a severe automobile accident toward the finish of season 11.

McDreamy deserved better. abc

After saving two adolescents involved in a vehicle accident, Derek to be hit by a semi-truck together he test to journey away from the scene. A trip to the hospital and one poor call indigenous a couple of doctors later and Derek was declared brain dead during surgery.

Dempsey has actually started to adopt his graying hair. Below he is in the trailer because that TV collection "Devils." sky Atlantic

"I think after a certain period of time, no matter just how much money you make, girlfriend want control out that your own schedule," that told People. "It had been long enough. It was time because that me to relocate on with other things and other interests. I more than likely should have moved on a pair of years earlier. I stayed a little bit longer than I need to have."

Since leave "Grey"s," Dempsey starred alongside Renee Zellweger in "Bridget Jones" Baby." an ext recently, the was viewed playing CEO Dominic Morgan in the global TV collection "Devils," which adheres to millionaire bankers.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character, Denny Duquette, was a transplant patience who died of a stroke shortly after receiving a new heart on the second season.

Denny nearly instantly became a fan-favorite. abc

After making it through a few of Izzie"s negative judgment calls, Denny sailed through his eventual transplant surgery. But his romance v Izzie came to a tragic end when he later died from a post-surgery blood clot.

The actor joined "The walking Dead" at the finish of season 6 to play the show's bat-wielding villain, Negan.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan to be a big fan the the character. Gene Page/AMC

Morgan go from playing one of the nicest guys on TV to one of the many despised (for a when anyway). He eliminated off a pan favorite the minute he join the longtime zombie series.

Morgan likewise appeared ~ above the seventh season the "The an excellent Wife" and played Bruce Wayne"s dad in "Batman v Superman."

Foley joined "Grey's Anatomy" on season seven. abc

After learning that Henry, suffering from a life-threatening condition, was no longer able to pay for medical care, Teddy married the so he"d have the ability to use she insurance. Unfortunately, shortly after revealing she had actually plans to divorce him, Henry yielded to his condition.

Since leave "Grey's," Foley has actually starred on other series, including the short-lived "Whiskey Cavalier."

Foley starred ~ above "Whiskey Cavalier" with Lauren Cohan. Nick Ray/ABC

After "Grey"s" Foley continued to be in the Shondaland family, playing Jake Ballard ~ above "Scandal." the played among the series" key characters, Jake Ballard, the director of the NSA before landing his own short-lived series, "Whiskey Cavalier."

Before his operation as the trained-assassin-turned-vice-presidential-candidate top top the political drama, he likewise appeared on season 5 of HBO"s "True Blood."

ABC/Nick Ray

Loretta Devine do guest appearances on over 20 episodes of the series as Richard's wife, Adele.

Adele Webber was a former nurse and also appeared top top the display from periods two through nine. abc

Adele, having actually been freshly diagnosed v Alzheimer"s Disease, died from a heart attack after surgery halfway throughthe ninth season.

Devine later on played Cynthia Carmichael top top "The Carmichael Show" and has also appeared on "Supernatural."

Devine stars in the upcoming TV One movie "Behind the Movement," which speak the story the Rosa Parks. NBC

She likewise nabbed a recurring duty as Cece top top BET"s "Being mary Jane" ago in 2015.

More recently, Devine has showed up on episodes of "Black-ish" and "P-Valley."

Robert Baker joined the actors on the show's sixth season as Dr. Charles Percy, after ~ Seattle Grace linked with Mercy West.

Charles invested his last moments hiding out in a patient's bathroom. alphabet

Charles passed away at the end of the season throughout Gary"s shooting rampage that additionally injured Alex and also Derek.

Baker has had a recurring role as Otis graves on "Supergirl." Warner Bros. TV

You may have noticed him an ext recently top top CW"s "Riverdale" or "Longmire." He appeared on Netflix"s second season the "Santa Clarita Diet."

Above, you have the right to see Baker on "Supergirl."

Heather Brooks was electrocuted when she went in search of Richard during the at sight storm in season 10.

pagan Brooks met an unfortunately end. alphabet

Brooks was presented as among the brand-new interns on season nine. She died during surgery due to swelling in her brain.

Majorino play Florence on "Scorpion." Jessica Brooks/CBS

Majorino joined the CBS show"s fourth and also final season together a chemist that helps the team out with situations from time come time. Previously, she appeared on TNT"s short-lived crime drama "Legends."

Wilmer Valderrama briefly appeared on "Grey's" together Kyle, a musician suffering from lot of sclerosis.

Valderrama appeared on the 12th season of "Grey's Anatomy." alphabet

After some heavy flirtation caused a short-lived romance v Stephanie, Kyle was efficiently treated because that a hand tremor twice, however died throughout a later on surgery after being infected with meningitis.

Wilmer Valderrama top top "NCIS." CBS

He appears on Netflix"s "From Dusk it rotates Dawn: The Series" and also "The Ranch."

More recently, that voiced a minor character in Pixar"s "Onward."

Kyle Chandler was featured ~ above a grasp of episodes together Dylan, the bomb formation leader that was dubbed into the hospital throughout a bomb scare.

Kyle Chandler showed up briefly on periods two and three the "Grey's." alphabet

After a patience was lugged to Seattle Grace through a bomb stuck in his chest, Dylan tried, come no avail, to eliminate the shell from the man"s human body without harming rather in the hospital. The bomb was properly removed, eventually, but it explosive in Dylan"s hands quickly after.

Kyle Chandler top top "Bloodline." od Millington/Netflix

He starred ~ above the Netflix series, "Bloodline," together Detective man Rayburn and appeared in Warner Bros."s "Game Night."

More freshly he appeared in Hulu"s "Catch-22" and also "Godzilla: King that the Monsters." He"ll be ago in the sequel, "Godzilla vs. Kong," next year.

Mandy Moore's character, Mary, was originally carried into the hospital for a colostomy bag reversal surgery.

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Mandy Moore top top "Grey's Anatomy." alphabet

But she surgery had to it is in postponed due to Gary"s shooting spree. She went back for the surgery 6 months later on while the hospital employees to be being filmed through a documentary crew, however she unfortunately never ever woke up from the anesthesia.

She's now playing Rebecca, the matriarch of the Pearson household on NBC's new hit show, "This Is Us."

Mandy Moore plays her character in ~ both a young and older period on "This is Us." NBC

She likewise starred in Disney"s "Tangled" together Rapunzel, and voices the character on the man series.