For countless television viewers all roughly the world, Grey’s Anatomy is among the greatest medical television series of every time. The collection debuted on television in 2005 and also has to be a mainstay ever before since, capturing brand-new fans with each happen season.

The ABC display has spawned many well-written and also multi-dimensional personalities over the years, including Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Miranda Bailey — and, the course, Derek Shepherd, Meredith’s long-time love interest and one the the many iconic personalities ever to it is in featured in Grey’s Anatomy. Derek’s eventual tragic death is still thought about to be one of the most traumatic occasions ever to occur in the long-running medical drama.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is praised because that character creation and development


Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd ~ above ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

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Grey’s Anatomy adheres to the staff, residents, and also attendees of the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. While Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, is the main focus of the series, the is one ensemble collection and functions a big supporting actors of talented performers.

Far from just following the events in Meredith and her friends’ experienced lives, the present digs deep into the personal lives and stories of virtually every character in the series.

Grey’s Anatomy has actually been honored many times by movie critics over the years and has to be nominated because that 25 Primetime Emmy Awards. Numerous of the show’s gibbs have additionally been nominated because that awards individually, consisting of Katherine Heigl, Pompeo, and also Patrick Dempsey.

The latter rose come fame acting in Grey’s Anatomy, and also eventually became one the the many popular characters in the show’s history.

Derek Shepherd is a fan-favorite Grey’s Anatomy’ character

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Dempsey was ideal known for exhilaration in guest roles in assorted television shows as soon as he was cast on Grey’s Anatomy. As Derek Shepherd, better known together “McDreamy,” Dempsey quickly came to be a fan-favorite, appearing on the display for just over 10 years.

Derek Shepherd is one acclaimed surgeon who specializes in challenging cases the no various other physician have the right to properly diagnose. End the years, Derek creates a solid affinity because that Meredith Grey, and also the two form a chop bond that transforms romantic.

Although Meredith and Derek have a variety of trials and also tribulations end the years, they at some point get married and begin elevating their three children together. It seemed as despite the two would live happily ever before after until a tragic accident occurred that changed the course of Grey’s Anatomy forever.

How go Derek die in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

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In season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy, Derek gets connected in a automobile accident that leaves him completely incapacitated and also unable to speak. The neighborhood hospital the Derek is rushed to is ill-equipped to manage a traumatic injury choose his, and also ultimately, Derek is pronounce brain-dead.

When Meredith is contacted and also brought to the hospital to see her husband, she is forced to make the decision to end life support, leaving Meredith and his family and also friends to challenge reality without Derek.

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To this day, the moment when Meredith decides to end Derek’s life support is taken into consideration to be among the many traumatic moments in the series. Additionally, his death caused significant tension between Meredith and also Derek’s sister, Amelia, who establishes a deep resentment towards Meredith because she obtained to say goodbye to Derek, while Amelia never did.

With the recent re-appearance that Derek top top Grey’s Anatomy, numerous fans are reliving the details of his life anywhere again, psychic a time when Meredith and also McDreamy appeared to have actually it all.