While it might seem favor it"s to be an eternity because the truth star Dog the Bounty Hunter to be tracking down fugitives and ne"er-do-wells through his wife and also kids ~ above the highways of Hawaii or in the mountains of Colorado, TV"s favourite bounty hunter has actually still been plenty busy. V a brand-new show on WGN and a brand-new paramour, the mononymous Dog (real name Duane Chapman) has actually been maintaining himself busy.

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The famous bounty hunter announced a new merchandise line in respect of his late wife, fan-favorite Beth Chapman, who passed away from neck cancer in June 2019 (via The Sun), and also while Dog might have found love with his fiancée Francie Frane, it"s clear to his pan base that Dog has — and will — constantly prioritize the love ones he"s lost.

As countless fans know, Beth isn"t the an initial immediate family member Dog the Bounty Hunter has had to mourn. His daughter, Barbara Katy Chapman, additionally passed away under disastrous circumstances much more than a decade and a half ago. Yet how did Dog the Bounty Hunter"s daughter die, and what were the circumstances bordering her passing that drove the press into a frenzy? Let"s take a closer look.

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One of the key draws for viewers of Dog the Bounty Hunter during its heyday ~ above A&E was the relationship between the eponymous Dog and also Beth Chapman. Dog and Beth (known as Beth Smith because that the first few seasons the the show) finally determined to tie the knot after a 16-year cooperation in 2006, during the airing of the show"s third season.

But only a night prior to the couple"s nuptials, the bounty hunter"s earliest daughter, Barbara Katy Chapman, was eliminated in a tragic car accident after an SUV she and also a friend were in went turn off the road, rolling and also crashing right into a thicket the trees near Fairbanks, Alaska (via Hawaii News Now). Neither Chapman nor she friend survived the night.

According to reports in ~ the time, the circumstances bordering the fatality of Dog"s 23-year-old-daughter were rather checkered. Barbara, who had actually a prior background of run-ins v the law, had purportedly known the SUV she and also her girlfriend were cruising in was stolen and also had derived a pilfered credit card which she and her friend had allegedly to plan to usage to rent a room at a resort close to the step of the crash. Hawaii News Now likewise reported the state troopers at the moment suspected drugs and alcohol could have played a part in the destructive crash.

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The deadly accident obviously cast a dark shadow on a day the was supposed to be commemorated as a momentous occasion. Dog the Bounty Hunter and his soon-to-be mam Beth Chapman discovered themselves in ~ a crossroads. What they decided to do next would set the course for the rest of their resides together.

As The Baltimore Sun reported in 2006, both Dog and Beth chose to proceed with their nuptials as planned — yet only after ~ Dog"s 10 continuing to be children, together with the minister presiding end the ceremonies, poll unanimously to lug on with their Hawaii beach wedding. (The wedding, which was additionally filmed for Dog the Bounty Hunter"s 3rd season, premiered in respectable of that year.) 

Though the family"s inner circle was conscious of daughter Barbara Chapman"s damaging death, the wedding guests supposedly weren"t alerted that the news till after the main ceremony, though it was announced throughout the couple"s reception. As per Hawaii News Now, Dog"s then-publicist, Mona Woods, relayed the Dog was "very emotional" while moving the announcement and also guests to be "visibly upset" upon hearing that his daughter"s passing.

While the years have continued to yield additional tragedy for Dog, it"s clear that his exclusive rights to press through when remembering the loved ones he"s shed is, more than anything, noble. Despite the fact that Dog has actually been the subject of debate himself, it"s a properties in i m sorry his loyal fan base can discover inspiration. 

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Speaking that memorials, Dog the Bounty Hunter"s recent merch heat honoring his late wife isn"t the only way the former fugitive-seeker memorialized Beth Chapman due to the fact that her 2019 death. Together The Sun reported in so late June 2020, the fact star coordinated a private business to honor the an initial anniversary the Beth"s passing.

As per The Sun, Dog arranged because that a personalized memorial come commemorate the life that his late wife in which only loved ones and selective members that the press attended. The organization itself featured one of Beth"s favorite inflatable river tube filled with an assortment the flowers, together with a framed photo, which was then collection down Colorado"s south Platte River.

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Among those in attendance to be Dog"s daughter Bonnie, as well as his newly betrothed fiancée, Francie Frane. The event, which took ar Father"s work Weekend, was particularly intended to both respect the memory of Beth and also to thank Francie, who Dog said he couldn"t have gone through the grieving process without.

"In a the majority of religions and also a most beliefs, they note it together a heritage on the one year day that someone has passed away," Dog stated at the time. "Every Father"s Day, Beth would like to concerned this river and come under in the precise raft...I would always sit right here — cold, wet, raining — she always went."