Don Lemon attends CNN Heroes Gala 2016 in ~ the American Museum that Natural background on December 11, 2016, in brand-new York City. ~ above Wednesday, Lemon"s sister L"Tanya "Leisa" Lemon Grimes drowned while fishing in Louisiana.Getty
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CNN anchor Don Lemon is mourning the death of his older sister after ~ she fell into a pond and also drowned on Wednesday.

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L"Tanya "Leisa" Lemon Grimes, 58, died while fishing in Denham Springs, Louisiana, report the New orleans Times-Picayune.

Lemon composed on Twitter ~ above Thursday: "Thanks anyone for your words the sympathy. Please save my family members in your prayers. Leisa to be my oldest sister & companion in crime farming up. Constantly had mine back. #RIPbigSis."

Thanks everyone for your words of sympathy. Please save my household in your prayers. Leisa to be my earliest sister & companion in crime farming up. Always had mine back. #RIPbigSis

— Don Lemon (

Police were called to a reported accident in the Livingston trace area that Denham Springs at around 4 p.m. ~ above Wednesday after a woman reportedly tripped and also drowned in a community pond while fishing.

Lori Steele, a Livingston Parish Sheriff"s Office spokeswoman, evidenced on Thursday that the downing to be a freak accident and no foul play has been attached to Grimes"s death.

"The Lemon/Grimes family members would favor to thank everyone for your condolences and prayers in ~ this time. Our family has suffered the tragic lose of L"Tanya "Leisa" Lemon Grimes and we room leaning on each various other for strength at this time. We appreciate privacy together we grieve the ns of our loved one," Lemon"s family said in a statement to the Times-Picayune.

Lemon missed his present CNN Tonight with Don Lemon top top Thursday night complying with his sister"s death.

Grimes"s two daughters, Kimberly and Katie, have actually both posted tributes on your social media accounts.

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"I"m at a loss for words and struggling to recognize how and also why. We love girlfriend mom! thanks to everyone the has referred to as or texted to examine on us," Kimberly composed on Instagram.

Katie wrote: "Yesterday we shed our mom and also I"ve never ever felt so hurt and also empty in my life. I am thankful for all of the storage we have together."

Earlier on Thursday, Lemon also tweeted a video of a mock news segment in i m sorry young kids report on exactly how "black excellence is at an all-time high." Lemon wrote: "This lifted my spirits. I needed this today. Give thanks to you."