Robert Trump, hugging his brothers Donald ~ above November 9, 2016, after ~ Donald Trump ceded his accept speech. Chip Somodevilla/Getty images
Robert Trump, the younger brothers of president Donald Trump, died at the brand-new York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan ~ above Saturday, a day after a visit indigenous the president. He was 71.

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Robert Trump had actually a facility relationship through his enlarge brother, which had periods of estrangement earlier in their lives and gestures that public support for the enlarge Trump’s politics rise.

“It is with hefty heart i share the my exorbitant brother, Robert, peacefully passed away tonight,” the president claimed in a statement. “He to be not simply my brother, he to be my best friend. He will be considerably missed, but we will satisfy again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, ns love you. Remainder in peace.”

The cause of his fatality is unknown. Follow to the brand-new York Times, he had experienced mind bleeds ~ a recent fall, and also was on blood thinners. A CNN source said he had been ailing for numerous months. Trump called reporters top top Friday — the day of his hospital visit come his brother — the Robert was having a “hard time” v an unnamed wellness issue.

Trump said reporters at the White residence on Friday before visiting him in Manhattan, “We’ve had actually a good relationship because that a long time, from work one.” however much that their partnership was defined by conflict, according to some family members members and also colleagues.

“Donald had found early on just how easy it was to gain under Robert’s pale skin and also push him previous his limits; it to be a game he never worn down of playing,” mar Trump, the niece of Donald and Robert, wrote in her newly published memoir. “Nobody rather would have actually bothered — Robert to be so skinny and quiet the there was no sport in tormenting him.”

Robert was the youngest of five children, and also in contrast to his brother Donald, had tendency to stop the spotlight. During his life, he worked as a company executive and also real heritage developer in miscellaneous parts that the Trump household business.

According to a former Trump casino executive, man O’Donnell, an intense argument in between Robert and also Donald after the botched opened of a casino in 1989 “changed forever” their relationship. Robert quit reporting to Donald after the incident, and wounds caused by the fight apparently took year to heal.

Robert did market some assistance to Donald’s politics career. Once Trump ran because that the White house in 2016, Robert offered a full-throated endorsement for his bid. “I support Donald one thousand percent,” Robert told the new York Post. “I think he’s doing a good job. I think he’s obtained a an excellent message.”

“If he were to need me in any way, I’d it is in there,” that added.

The brothers to be photographed hugging after Trump’s election night victory in 2016. But after that, Robert hardly ever surfaced in public.

Robert Trump’s many notable public appearance because then might be his leading role in an unsuccessful lawsuit come block the publishing of mar Trump’s memoir, which draws from personal experience with the trump family and also describes the president together “the world’s most dangerous man.”

Other members of the Trump family have to express sadness about Robert’s pass on social media.

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Robert trump is made it through by his mam Ann Marie Pallan, an embraced son native his first marriage, and also two other siblings: Maryanne trump Barry and Elizabeth trump card Grau.

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