When CBS announced the it was finishing Kevin deserve to Wait after 2 seasons, it expected that the case of Donna Gable"s murder had actually gone cold. This beloved family members matriarch would just become an additional statistic, a character killed off with the guilty party gone unpunished. We"d never know just how Donna perished. The truth passed away with Kevin have the right to Wait. This unusual murder would end up as an unsolved situation on Sitcom Forensic Files.

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There will never ever be #JusticeForDonna.



I invested eight month investigating the mysterious fatality of this love wife and also mother, yet that just brought an ext theories and an ext questions. This dark, twisted secret had to be opened, yet never closed.

But today, CBS provided us the only little bit of justice we can ever gain for the so late Donna Gable. In one interview v Deadline, CBS EVP Thom Sherman claimed that in killing off Donna at the end of Season One “the display made a an option at the beginning of this year, us agreed to go along with it, and also unfortunately the audience did no respond to it.”

With viewership decreasing in a post-Donna Gable era, CBS was compelled to release the show.

“It to be a strong show because that us, it’s had a many of decrease this year, it was heading in the wrong direction, claimed CBS Entertainment chairman Kelly Kahl. "The numbers to be going under as the year went on and also looking forward, the didn’t look favor a display that to be going to be solid enough come anchor a night for united state going forward.”

Did fans no respond well because of the absence of closure? Or go fans simply not like the insultingly clunky writing roughly a significant character"s death and also the blatant effort to repackage King of Queens as a different show? If CBS knew fans weren"t responding well to Donna"s death, why didn"t they write an illustration that responsibly handle what happened?

If anything, CBS simply should have done much better than explaining her death with a joke around a gym membership.

Unless this sitcom go the method of Last male Standing—and, an excellent god, i hope it does—we"ll never understand the truth around Donna. But we can find solace in the truth that CBS knows it fucked this entirety thing up.

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