Hours before the premiere the this week"s Kevin can Wait, titled "The smoking cigarettes Bun," I received an anonymous email from someone that calls self "Kevincanwait69" (nice):

For some factor I invested time working on a bonkers Kevin can Wait spec script, virtually entirely inspired by her columns on the demonic and also twisted sitcom the still graces our airwaves to this day. Ns tried to take a various spin ~ above the Kevin James cinematic universe. Instead of Kevin taking on various personas and an altering identities end the years, I quite see him as one, evil copy who has effectively slayed all other Kevin James personalities that exist in the very same universe. This currently sounds insane but I didn"t understand who rather to send this thing to. I don"t intend you to review it, yet there is #JusticeForDonna. However either way here it is! Enjoy.

Below this article was a connect to a Google Doc.

As a responsible internet user, I figured out this instantly as a feasible phishing scam. Sure, this would have been one oddly specific phishing scam, but still I had to it is in careful. Mine investigation right into Donna"s disappearance has acquired some attention. That knows if there are people out to acquire me.

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Naturally, i clicked the link.


This brought me to a 56-page script, as outlined above. Now, this isn"t just some crazy human being in a basement writing fan fiction based on my investigation. It"s someone who at the very least knows just how to format and also write a script. Here"s the set-up:

Now, definitely this manuscript is darker, and much an ext fucked-up than the remainder of the King that Queens Cinematic Universe, but there was something about it that caught my eye. This exchange from pages 6-7:

This joke might have to be taken directly from any type of episode the Kevin deserve to Wait. Whoever wrote this no only has actually an intimate knowledge of the show, yet an expertise of the humor and writing. It"s a script that includes continuous and unnecessary references to Kevin"s weight, in addition to a soup eating challenge in Enzo"s.

Who can be writing this? mine guess is this was sent out by an really writer ~ above Kevin deserve to Wait—someone who"s been motivated to really check out the potential that this dark, subversive sitcom. And also this spec script even echoed critical night"s episode, which connected Kevin and also King that Queens star Leah Remini make the efforts to conserve Enzo"s from gift shut down. That begins, as most things perform on Kevin have the right to Weight (get it?), with a fat joke. Kevin and also his friends space trying to figure out how to conserve Enzo"s, once King of Queens star Leah Remini chimes in:

"Find an additional pizza location to obtain fat in."

Then later, the shitty service owner Alviti (who purchase Enzo"s) randomly dunks top top Kevin throughout a meeting. "I can"t tell you exactly how much you annoy me through your demands and how friend sit and also how the sweat rolls under your brow into your fat neck," he says.

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Who can ever be uncomfortable by Kevin!? #KevinCanWait pic.twitter.com/k0HEZirEzm

— Kevin can Wait (

But the many bizarre minute of this episode came throughout a city board of directors meeting once Kevin and also King that Queens star Leah Remini effort to do the situation to turn Enzo"s right into a historic landmark. Kevin unexpectedly goes turn off script, talking about how several of the ideal days of his life to be at Enzo"s—but "also few of the worst. Among the darkest job of mine life," he says, obtaining choked up. The camera pans come Daughter who looks devastated, knowing the memory Kevin is about to disclose to the city council. "I"m going to it is in honest, ns didn"t understand if i was going come pull with or not," Kevin continues, the studio audience prepared to ultimately hear about the job Donna Gable, beloved family members matriarch, mysteriously died... "It to be the 2000 World series where the Yanks beat the Mets."

Goddammit, Kevin can Wait.

While once again Kevin have the right to Wait in reality dodged the answer come Donna"s mysterious death with a joke, there space some important clues here. Daughter"s look just before the punchline is proof the Donna"s death had miscellaneous to perform with Enzo"s. One of two people she passed away there—choked ~ above a chicken wing, a secret grease fire?—or Kevin to be there once he acquired the news of her death. One more possibility is this shitty company owner, Alviti. He bribes the city the supervisory board to refuse Kevin"s request to make Enzo"s an historic landmark therefore he deserve to level the place. Did that or his crooked service empire have something to execute with Donna"s death? Is the why he to be so eager to ruin Enzo"s, which may include some an essential evidence?

Again, Kevin can Wait is getting close, however we don"t have any answers yet.

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