Still-gorgeous woman Seymour is certification in a brand-new original movie for the Hallmark Channel. Dear Prudence debuts on august 23rd and the 57-year-old Seymour theatre a Martha Stewart-type celebrity called Prudence. Prefer Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher, Prudence stumbles into a murder secret and end up solving it using her keen an abilities of observation. If the movie performs well, you deserve to expect come see more of them. Could this mean that us could also see a brand-new Dr. Quinn movie? Unfortunately, no.

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Dr. Quinn, medicine Woman debuted in 1993 and ran because that six periods on CBS. The collection was cancelled in 1998 due to production costs, aging viewers, and also sagging ratings. To mollify loyal viewers, a made-for-TV-movie was produced and aired in might 1999. Unfortunately, numerous fans to be dissatisfied v the storyline, the lack of numerous castmembers, and series creator Beth Sullivan’s lack of involvement. The was not well got by critics and attracted 12 million viewers.

A couple years later, another reunion movie dubbed The heart Within was produced. Sullivan had full an imaginative control this time approximately but spending plan limitations limited the appearances of minor characters. The second effort attracted 11 million viewers.

Should one more Dr. Quinn movie be made?

Yes! A good idea!
Nah. Uncover something new.
Never watched, don"t care.

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Several castmembers have likewise said the they’d favor to reprise their personalities from the show. The 150 collection episodes continue to be renowned in syndication and the DVD sets have actually sold well so there’s been attention in producing brand-new Dr. Quinn adventures. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen.

Seymour told reporters the CBS owns the rights to the show and that President and CEO “Leslie (Moonves) walk not want to do any much more Dr. Quinn’s.” She reminded them that the studio doesn’t own whatever however, saying, “CBS own . Yet I carry out still have actually all the clothes.”

Though the door is seemingly closed on the west adventure series, Seymour wishes to find other means to work-related with her previous Quinn castmates. If she makes various other Prudence movies, Seymour desires to uncover ways to include them. Stay tuned!