He likes to call himself a redneck just having actually fun. Yet don’t be fooled by the ZZ peak beard, good-old-boy grin and head-to-toe camouflage. Due to the fact that behind the facade lies very intelligent businessman. Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander, a company that manufactures top-of-the-line duck calls, and the star of Duck Dynasty, one of America’s most highly rated shows.

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Willie spoke with Dave around his family’s multimillion-dollar company, your hit TV display on A&E network, and business in general. It showed to be one of Dave’s most famous interviews top top The Ramsey Show.

In the Beginning

The odds that the Robertsons would become super successful seemed slim to none. But the clan from the bayou the West Monroe, LA, had two secret weapons: None that them to be afraid of tough work. And also giving up? no in their vocabulary.

Duck Commander to be the brainchild the Willie’s father, Phil, that realized he might whittle a much better duck speak to than you might find at any kind of store. Regardless of dismal sales the an initial year and also barely gift able to feed his family, he never once believed of providing up. His kids, including Willie and brothers Alan, Jase and also Jep, operated right alongside him.


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“My dad would constantly say, ‘Boys, we space going to offer a million dollars’ worth of this duck calls one day,’” Willie says. “We really didn’t have any kind of option at the time, so it sounded like a an excellent idea to us. Us were the employees and also were churning them right out of our two-bedroom home right there on the river.”

Slowly, the business began to prosper. The duck calls led to hunting videos, followed by a present on the outdoor Channel. “We gained a pretty great grassroots following from hunters, duck hunters and waterfowl guys roughly the country,” Willie says. “We began making T-shirts and hats and kept growing.”

About a te ago, Willie take it over as CEO. It was the perfect choice, claims his dad, since Willie to be the only one with a organization degree and also was a herbal salesperson too. Together a youngster, Willie was pulling down approximately $300 a week offering candy at school—a lucrative business until the primary shut him down.

The next Generation

Willie is attributed with acquisition the organization to the next level. Today, Duck command is a multimillion-dollar agency with a broad array of products in significant retail stores throughout the country. It stays a family members business, through 80% of its team made up of relatives. Duck Dynasty only added to the success.

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“Business is booming, so we put in a store. What ns didn’t variable in was continual old cats would certainly be buying duck phone call too,” Willie say through a laugh. “Boy was ns wrong.”

Despite your mega success, Willie states the family continues to pole to your roots and also remain humble. Their mystery weapon? The kitchen table—the spot where almost every illustration of Duck dynasty ends with a huge family dinner and a prayer. “Faith, common sense, wisdom and also values room all things passed at the table,” Willie says. “It’s a lost art and also doesn’t must be.”

Willie’s wife, Korie, agrees. “I think it’s the most important thing around the show,” she said CBN.com. “Because at the end of the day, that is all about sitting down and also thanking God for her blessings, and also if we can't carry out that, climate what carry out we have really?"