With Season 10 of "Wicked Tuna" underway, fans will certainly doubtless it is in reminded of the tragic loss of among its former stars — Nicholas Fudge. Better known together "Duffy", the TV fisherman died in 2018, simply days brief of his 29th birthday. His untimely death was first announced by The Remick & Gendron Funeral house on July 19 of that year, through an official statement ~ above "Wicked Tuna"s social media networks confirming the terrible news on July 23. The reason of the sportsman"s "unexpected" death was not thorough at the time, though, as reported by Distractify, anecdotal accounts from other fisherman in the area suggested he died as a result of decompression sickness.

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Also known as "the bends", decompression sickness is a perilously usual affliction in scuba and deep-sea divers. As outlined by Harvard Health, the condition is "caused by a rapid decrease in the press that surrounding you"; this happens once the diver resurfaces too quickly and also causes nitrogen balloon to type in the blood, causing symptoms native dizziness and joint pain to — in dire situations like Duffy"s — death. Fudge left behind a loving family members — parental Ronald Jr. And also Judy Fudge, brothers Cody, and girlfriend Ali Currier. Winning a point out on the "Wicked Tuna" crew together a an outcome of his fierce fishing talent, that was among the most completed sportsmen in his field.

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"Wicked Tuna" pan knew Duffy as the laid back but super skilled very first mate of "Pinwheel," Captain Tyler McLaughlin"s trusty vessel. Scouring the depth off the coast of Massachusetts for the coveted and costly Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, he likewise featured in the spin-off collection "Wicked Tuna: outer Banks". His infectious love for the great outdoors and also profound respect for the atmosphere made him a firm favorite among viewers the the National geographical series.

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Duffy is psychic by his family members for "his smile, his fearlessness, his adventurous spirit, his mischievous feeling of humor, and also giving big hugs." His obituary continues, "his presence can light up any kind of room" — and with a defiant humor in the face of grief, suggests that in the following life, "Nick now begins his next adventure to situate his lacking cell phones, ID"s, and also credit cards."

As report by The Sun, the "Wicked Tuna" crew has persisted despite its members" grief in the three years because Fudge"s death. "We just persevered. We just recorded a fish ~ above the spot wherein Duffy and I caught our critical fish together," claimed friend and Captain McLaughlin. "I don"t treatment if we get $2 a pound, $25 or $30 a pound. I"m simply so happy to have actually this fish. It way so much to us," the insisted, honoring his former crew-mate v a ongoing commitment come the occupational he loved.