Did you understand that at Dunkin’ you might order a different drink each day for virtually 70 years? at Dunkin’, there room 25,000 methods to order her coffee – crazy, right?! With much more than 12,500 restaurants an international in 46 countries, including much more than 9,000 restaurants in the U.S., there isa selection of fun facts you might not know about our iconic brand.

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Below are a dozen other things you probably did not know about Dunkin’.

The an initial Dunkin’ Donuts Restaurant is tho in Operation: once founder william Rosenberg opened his first coffee and donut shop in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1948, it was originally called Open Kettle and served coffee, pastries and sandwiches. 2 years later, Dunkin’ Donuts to be officially born, and it is rumored the an executive Architect come up through the name, inspired bythe idea that dunking donuts into coffee. 4 years later, Rosenberg had already opened 5 locations. The original Dunkin’ Donuts is tho standing in Quincy today and has been restored to its 1950’s glory through a retro design.

We offer Billions of cup of Coffee each Year: Dunkin’ Donuts sells about 60 cup of coffee every second. That translates to roughly 2 billion cup of coffee sold worldwide in 2017.

Coffee quality is managed by Coffee Experts: ~ above average, 2,000 coffee beans go into making 1 lb of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. There are Dunkin’ Donuts coffee professionals that taste an typical of 200 cup of coffee a day to ensure the we room delivering delicious coffee to consumers.

In Spain, Dunkin’ Donuts is called Dunkin’ Coffee: even though the surname is different,restaurants in Spain still market donuts (including some classics like Boston Kreme) and comparable core beverage items choose lattes, dark roast coffee, and also cold brew.

MUNCHKINS® Donut hole Treats: Dunkin’ started selling its donut feet treats in 1973 together a fun means to use the donut dough indigenous the facility of the donut. Today, us sell about 1 billion MUNCHKINS®donut hole treats around the world per year.

Each nation Has Its very own Donut: Dunkin’ Donuts crafts special donuts that reflect the regional cuisine and culture for countries in which the operates. Several of these international donuts have the right to be really unique. In Singapore, friend can get wasabi cheese and seaweed cheese donuts, in some oriental countries, you can obtain mochi donuts, and also in China, you can obtain a dried pork and seaweed donut.
Royal Wedding Donuts: to celebrate the imperial nuptials in both 2011 and also 2018, Dunkin’ Donuts offered limited edition royal Love Donuts.

Dunkin’ Serves more Than just Coffee to your Communities:The delight in Childhood structure (formerly The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins neighborhood Foundation) has been deeply installed in communities throughout the country and also has donated an ext than $16 million to numerous national and also local charities to administer joy to kids battling hunger or illness.

You Can get Rewarded because that Being a faithful Dunkin’ Customer: It’s dubbed DD Perks® Rewards! Dunkin’ Donuts DD perks Rewards Members get 5 points because that every dollar spent and every 200 points will gain members a price Coupon for a totally free beverage. DD exclusive right Rewards Members also get a coupon for a free any-size beverage when they enroll in the program and on their birthday.

You have the right to Order Aheadand Skip The Wait: In 2016, Dunkin’ released On-The-Go Mobile bespeak in the Dunkin’ app. In 2018, Dunkin proceeds to introduce faster and also easier choices for running on Dunkin’ by complete On-the-Go mobile Ordering through Google Assistant.

Dunkin’ Partnered v Saucony so the Fans might Literally run on Dunkin’: In March2018, just in time for marathon season, Dunkin' Donuts partnered through Saucony to keep Bostonians running by presenting limited-edition Saucony X Dunkin’ Kinvara 9 to run shoes.

Dunkin’ Loves their Customers: for 12 years running, Dunkin’ has earned the #1 ranking because that customer commitment in the coffee classification by Brand Keys.

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